This & That

How about a little THIS & THAT?!?
THIS girl's birthday was on Tuesday!
11 years old!!!! How did THAT happen?!?!? 
It seems like just yesterday she was born.
THIS is one of my all time photos, taken moments after she was born.
After 2 miscarriages & years of wanting a baby,  I finally became a mom & heard the words "It's a GIRL"
I will never, ever, ever forget THAT moment in time.

Our family tradition for our kids birthday is they get to choose where they want to go out to dinner to celebrate. When I asked Kate where she wanted to go, she said she didn't want to go out to dinner, instead she wanted me to make my homemade spaghetti sauce, Caesar salad & garlic bread.
 What's up with THAT? It is one of our go-to meals, so I thought she would want to do something special & I I thought I would get a night off cooking ;)
But it's her favorite meal and the birthday girl gets what she wants!

 Oh, and she wanted my homemade Apple Pie for dessert.

Did you know THAT January 23 is National Pie Day?
 Perfect day for my Pie loving girl to be born....Apple Pie is her favorite dessert!

THIS is a fun fact for all you numbers nerds like me & Kate.
The Warriors played a game on Tuesday (Kate's birthday)
 They won 123-112

On Tuesday, the date was January 23
The Warriors won by 11 points...on Kate's 11th Birthday....1-23.
She was so excited #mathnerdsunite

We are having her party THIS Friday with a painting party.
 I got these cookies for the favors:
THAT theme was her idea. She loves all things crafty.
She wanted me to make personalized aprons for her party, so last night I was up until 1am sewing 11 aprons!

It has been years since I have used my sewing machine! I forgot how fun it is to sew.
Kate is also really into sewing. She has done a few sewing projects with my mother in law, so 
she got THIS for Christmas along with some sewing lessons.

If you are looking for a light weight sewing machine for kids, it has been great & comes in different colors.

If you have a crafty kid & need gift ideas, THIS is what Kate got for her birthday:
She got the bundle along with the camera so she can make scrap books with her photos.

It's SO cute. It also comes in 3 other colors.

THIS month has been full of celebrations. 
2 weeks ago I had a baby shower in Sonoma Wine Country for my friend Caroline. 
Look at THAT view:
The shower was held at a winery in THIS barn:

Can't wait to meet baby Mason!
The grounds at the Benzinger Family winery were just gorgeous:
The same day we also had my Father in Law's surprise 75th Birthday party at my brother in law's winery:
My Father In Law was so surprised!
We had a private chef and a 4 course meal & my brother in law paired all the dishes with his wine.

Look at THAT menu!
 It was an amazing meal!

 Love THIS awesome family that I married into!

THIS past weekend we headed up to Tahoe for skiing & tubing. 
We haven't gotten much snow compared to last winter.

THIS was the view from our deck a few days ago:
Compared to exactly a year ago....

THAT was the deck last year. So much snow then, you couldn't even see the deck railings. Sigh.

THIS month we are having some incredible R+F sales.
When you buy Lash boost & a regimen, you can get up to 30% off!

THIS is Tasha....she is on my team & also one of my good friends.
 Check out her amazing results!

 Here are her lashes after 12 weeks (Lash Boost lasts 4 months)
THIS is a great deal!
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Any new Preferred Customer THIS month get:
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THIS weekend Claire has the pinewood derby.
She wanted it to be teeth with braces since she has braces.
We googled ideas & couldn’t find anything.
Literally no one has done this type of pinewood derby car before.
But, she was adamant & had a vision of what she wanted. Props to Kevin for carving out the wood.
Look how it turned out:
It turned out so much better than we thought.
She loves it & can’t wait to show her orthodontist the car at her next appointment.

Speaking of the weekend...THAT means light & fluffy pancakes for breakfast! We are obsessed with THIS recipe!

Last week I posted my light & fluffy pancake recipe and I love the comments & emails THAT I am getting from people who made them & loved them! THAT makes me so happy!
You can get the recipe on THIS post.

 So, there you have it....a little of THIS & THAT
Hope you are having a great week!


  1. Happy Birthday to Kate!! And I so don’t blame her for wanting spaghetti & Apple pie!!!

  2. Love that photo of you & Kate after she was born.
    Your brother in law's winery looks great!

  3. Happy Birthday to your girl! You are super mom!
    I made your apple pie recipe on national pie day (and ate most of it myself��). It was delicious and the house smelled incredible while it was baking. Can’t wait to try your pancake recipe!



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