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Here is a little THIS & THAT for you!
Snow is one of my favorite things!!!! Look at all THIS snow on the deck....you can't see the deck because of the 8 feet of snow! So crazy! I love it!
 Isn't THAT a beautiful view? We practically had the mountain to ourselves since we were skiing on Superbowl Sunday!

THIS is the most snow I have ever seen in Tahoe in my life.

All the snow is good news because we have been in a major drought and all THAT snow and rain we've been having.  

As you know, THIS past Sunday was also the Superbowl.
We were rooting for the Falcons & couldn't believe the blow out that was happening.....
Then, the Patriots were making a comeback and the game got exciting!
The power went out in the cabin with a minute left in the game....can you believe THAT happened?!?!!
We didn't even know if the Patriots had scored to tie up the game. I kept asking Siri for the score. When the game went to overtime, we listened to the rest of it on the radio in the car.
I can't believe we missed watching the ending of a historical Super Bowl!!! Ahhh!!!!

Because of all the snow & rain.....THIS is a picture of the creek in our neighborhood.
 THAT creek is normally 2 feet wide and few inches deep...look at it now!! Totally flooding and almost to the top of the bridge. Insane!
Thankful for the rain & snow....not thankful for the flooding & storm damage.

THIS is one of the best deals I have seen!
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THIS is Tasha....she is on my team & also one of my good friends.
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THIS is so true for me......
I am THAT person who hits snooze. I am trying to not hit is as much.
#workinprogress #nightowl
#notamorningperson #ilovesleep

Did you know THAT today, February 9 is National Pizza Day? I wish I would have known sooner so I could have made us a pizza for dinner.

THIS is a collage of all the pizza recipes THAT I have on my blog....

 BBQ Chicken Pizza  {HERE} // Fig, Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza {HERE} //
Pesto Chicken, Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Pizza {HERE}

Sweet Italian Sausage, Pepperoni & Bell Pepper Pizza {HERE}  // Pepperoni, Pineapple & JalapeƱo Pizza {HERE} // Margherita Pizza {HERE}

Summer Squash, Tomato, Pesto & Feta Pizza {HERE} //  Pineapple Chicken Luau with Bacon Pizza {HERE}  // Caramelized Goat Cheese & Pancetta Pizza {HERE}
Thai Chicken Pizza {HERE} // Butternut Squash, Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza {HERE} //
Nutella Pizza {HERE}

 Good thing tomorrow is Friday night Pizza Night...we will celebrate National Pizza Day a day late.
Pretty much every Friday is National Pizza day for us :)

Last week I finished THIS book:
Get it HERE

It was really good!

I really love THAT author, so I am reading another book by her now:

Get it HERE

I started reading it in Tahoe...which was not the best idea since our cabin is in a dark, dark wood. Can you say creepy?!?! I don't recommend THAT.  Lol!  I finished reading the book back at our house.....I really liked it. I heard the book is going to be made into a movie.

 THIS is Luke's new favorite cookie: 
It has white chocolate chips and sprinkles! Recipe {HERE}
 He likes anything THAT has sprinkles :)

THIS weekend the kids will be putting together their Valentine's.
Need Valentine Ideas? I've got THAT covered for you!
Here are some that I have made over the years....I can't pick a favorite :)

Ring Pop Valentine {HERE} // Goldfish Valentines {HERE}
Smores Valentine {HERE} // Valentine you are just Write!" & "You've got the Write stuff, Valentine" {HERE}
Valentine, You are Fun! {HERE} // Starburst {HERE}
I'm stuck on You & Let's Stick Together {HERE}  //  You make my heart Pop {HERE}
Sunglasses printables {HERE}
 Sour Patch Kids {HERE} //   You make my heart flip printable {HERE}

All of the free printables can be found on my Printables tab {HERE}
And, all of the items for the Valentines were found at Target in the Valentine section.

THIS year Kate chose Sour Patch Kids/Sour Watermelon, Claire chose Fun Dip & Luke chose the heart glasses again!
 So, there you have it....a little of THIS & THAT
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Oh that snow and coffee picture makes my heart happy!

  2. I also read In a dark, dark, wood. The Woman in Cabin 10 is on my wishlist!
    We do pizza on Fridays also!

  3. Tonight is homemade pizza at our house too :) Happy Friday! Excited to get my lash boost!


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