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Happy Friday!
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This past weekend we celebrated my Grammy's 105th Birthday Party!!!!
It's tradition for me to bring her a bouquet of pink roses & a balloon for her birthday
(Pink is her favorite color...mine too!)
Grammy was born on October 27, 1911
105 years old. So crazy!!!!!
You can tell Grammy is 105....her vision, hearing & memory are all fading.
She was living on her own, in her own house until she turned 103, but the past 2 years is when being over 100 has caught up with her!

Her health is actually amazing, she doesn't take any medications (and never has)
When they do her blood work/labs, they say she is in better health than most 70 years old.
Her body (hearing/vision/memory) are just starting to shut down....because she is 105!!!!
It was so good to see Grammy & her celebrate another amazing year of life for her!

Everyone always asks Grammy her advice for living so long & for being in such good health 
Here is her list of advice:
1. Surround yourself with your family and people you love.
2. Drink Coffee every morning.
3. Have a Happy Hour cocktail everyday (Grammy's preference is a Cranberry Vodka)
4. Stay away from hospitals & doctors.
5. Be positive.

Halloween is one of my favorite days of year. This year our staff theme was 80's.
I knew exactly what I was going to wear. It was an outfit I wore in college to an 80's party and I also wore it to a friends 35th 80's party a few years ago.
On Sunday, I decided to step up my costume a notch and attach an 80's photo background to my back. 
 I literally had this exact photo background for my 8th grade photo. LOL!
I am pretty sure my girls will need counseling when they are older because I wore this to their parade & to both of their class Halloween parties. Ha!
I made the background by printing the background as a poster & putting it on foam board. I added strings & wore it like a backpack all day. Definitely one of my favorite Halloween costumes ever :)

Bunco is one of my favorites!
I am co-hosting my neighborhood Bunco tonight & I am making one of my favorite desserts for it....my Pumpkin Spice Cake!
It's so easy & delicious...and I love it because you can make it a day ahead of time!
Get the recipe HERE

Our Family photos are this weekend!
Family photos are my favorite. Here is a sneak peek of our location for this year:
 I love the location! Now, I just hope my kids behave for photos! I know other moms out there feel me!
Our outfits are almost all figured out :)

November means it's Thanksgiving month!
I am so excited. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year. 
And, Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorite meals of the year. 
Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, Pumpkin Cheesecake....I LOVE it ALL!
One of the traditions I do for our kids teachers & our neighbors for Thanksgiving is make them pumpkin bread with a little printable I made:

You can find the printable & recipe {HERE}

Incredible before and after pics continue to roll in. Yes, it works! Yes, you will be amazed! 
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This is Nikki with her results:
Her after with 8 weeks of Lash Boost & Mascara....Amazing!

I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks and I am loving my results..I can't wait to share my Before & Afters!
Email me to place an order!

In less than 60 days from now it will be January 1, 2017

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Speaking of 2017....it's time to order my 2017 Planner!
Erin Condren Planners are my favorite! 
I have used them for the past 4 or 5 years. 
Here are the covers I am deciding on for my 2017 planner....

I am leaning toward the floral, but can't decide! Ahhhhh!!!
Right now Erin Condren has a sale going on....save 20% on your order. It ends on the 10th. 
She has TONS of different designs, but these 3 are the ones I am leaning towards.
Which one do you like?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite Halloween candy.
This is so true....

I also love wine & thought any other wine lovers might enjoy this:

Which pairing will you be having tonight when you raid your kids Halloween candy bag after they are in bed? ;)

Wednesday night's Game 7 was my most favorite baseball game I have ever witnessed. 
(This is coming from a die hard SF Giants fan who has been to 2 of the Giants World Series games) 
The game was AMAZING. Please tell me you watched.

I have a few thoughts on the game:
I thought Giants torture was bad...Chicago fans experience this at a whole new level.
 Since the Giants didn't win this "even" year, there is no other team I would rather have won than the Cubs!!!! 
 I may or may not have shed a few tears of happiness at the end of the game. Congrats to all my readers who are Cubs fans!
 It's rough losing after a 3-1 series lead. We know that pain from when the Cleveland Cavs beat the Warriors this year when we were up 3-1....I feel for you Indians fans!
My Grammy is 105....even she can say she finally saw the Cubs win a World Series.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
Happy Friday!!!


  1. I used to use Erin Condren planners, but then I came upon Plum Planner and love them even more. I love the option they have of vertical lined columns instead of ones that are broken down. It just works better for me instead of having to keep within those 3 boxes each day.

  2. My R+F notebook is watercolor hearts, just got a floral ink notebook, and went rogue on my planner! I got a Plum Planner so I could personalize each section with everyone's names (pre-printed!), got a direct sales section and a home cleaning section. I miss a few things out of EC, like quotes and the cover isn't laminated on the backside (but is protected with a thick laminate), but am so excited for the layout of my Plum planner. I'll know fully by the end of next year whether I'll stick with it. A teacher YouTuber had a Plum Planner with an EC cover. It doesn't work for the regular plum (the EC cover is just a tad to small, but I can still use it as a divider!). I will show you tonight! :) P.S. I heart Grammy!

  3. How special for you to have your grandma around for so long, but also for your kids! I never met my great-grandparents, so it has been so fun for my own kids to have great-grandmas in their lives. Have a great weekend!

  4. Those planners are so pretty and yay for good health for your grandmother! How special to be 105 and going strong.

  5. Your Granny is adorable! Its amazing that she is 105 and that she lived by herself till she was 102! I love her advise, old people have so much wisdom! You certainly are blessed to still have her with you! The dessert looks amazing!

  6. Hi! How much money is the lash lengthening product? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kylie! The cost is $135 and comes with a free mini eye cream. It will last you 3-4 months. Send me an email if you have more questions :)

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