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Happy 10th of January! 
We went to church on Saturday night which meant our Sunday morning was nice & slow.
Coffee in bed while watching football. Love it!
Such a sweet moment....Kate & Luke snuggling up while she reads him books. They have such a cute bond..love watching it grow.
Then I headed to the grocery store to get organized for the week. I usually do our grocery shopping on Sundays after I plan out all our meals for the week.
After I got home I prepped our dinner....Rosemary Beef Stew in the Crockpot!
The Rosemary is from our garden....it's currently the only thing I have in our garden :)

Kevin & Luke jumping on the trampoline. I am telling you, this has been the greatest gift! The kids (and us!) jump & play on it daily!
Then, I made Apple Pie...on Sunday nights we have family dinner with just the 5 of us and whatever I make for dinner the kids have to eat (they can be picky, so about a year ago, I said that on Sunday night dinner they had to eat what I made for the family, no making separate things if you didn't like what I made) I also usually reward them with some sort of homemade dessert. Tonight was my apple pie :)
While my pie was in the oven, I went on a run. I was planning on running 4 miles (I have only gone running maybe 4 or 5 times since my 1/2 marathon on December 12th. The holidays, rainy weather, going to Tahoe, getting the stomach flu, etc have kept me from running consistently. I'm hoping to get back on track & I felt great running today & ran 2 more miles than I planned & did it at an 8:30 pace. It felt so good to be running again! I've missed it!
 When I got home my Apple pie was done and then I made a couple batched of my Banana Muffins. I made 1 batch without chocolate chips (that is how Kevin prefers them) and I made a batch with chocolate chips, because the girls like those better :)
Like I mentioned on Friday's post, I am trying to get healthy snacks prepped for the kids to have after school since they are STARVING by the time they get home!

Kevin & I watched a little more football & folded laundry while the girls set up a photo shoot for their American Girl dolls. It was so cute. They used Kate's leapster as the camera.
They were very serious about this photo shoot & wouldn't let Luke come anywhere near it.

 After dinner we put the kids to bed, I showered and then I did my weekly Sunday night routine.
Every Sunday night after I shower I use my Macro Exfoliater (it gets rid of 5 million dead skin cells off your face & neck) and I also paint my nails every Sunday night. 
Tonight I painted my nails THIS color & used THESE base & top coats to prevent chips!
 People have asked the difference between the Rodan + Fields macro exfoliator and the Clarisonic.
 You use the Marcro E once a week (I use it Sunday nights because I like to start off my week with a fresh, clean face :) 
The Macro E is a deep exfoliator & removes 5 million dead skin cells in just 5 minutes.
It gives you a brighter complexion with a more even skin tone. 
The Clarisonic (or brush type tools)  is used daily and is used to get rid of debris/make up only.
Basically, the difference is vacumming vs. sweeping.

Got more questions? Want one of your own? Send me an email:

You can get the Macro E as part of our preferred customer special.
 For all new preferred customers you get $20 cash back, 10% off your order, FREE shipping AND a FREE Lip Micro-Dermabrasion stick.

It removes dead skin cells and exfoliates flaky lip tissues in just a few swipes.


 Hope you had a great 10th!
 Ours was productive, it feels good to get things organized before the week starts!

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  1. That apple pie looks amazing and woohoo to healthy eating....something we need more of!

  2. I love that coffee mug! Your weekend looks like it was nice and relaxing. Happy Monday!

  3. Oh.my.gosh. That beef stew and apple pie look amazing #adoptmeplease. Love your "10"


  4. You are a cooking machine! Your beef stew looks SO good! What a nice weekend!

  5. girlfriend i LOVE this post! im an avid reader and always looking for new books to read! in fact i just started an online book club and were voting for our book in feb :) come on by to vote and join up!

  6. Your books read in 2015 are very similar to mine! I read Reconstructing Amelia last year - curious what you will think of it. Just finished "Inside the O'Briens" heartbreaking and so well written. Would you be willing to share your beef stew recipe? Looks amazing!

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