Life Lately!

Life lately has been CRAZY.
Back to School in itself is always a crazy time, but this year even more so!
I'm not going to lie...the first 3 weeks of school have kicked our butts!
 The first week of school all 3 kids had fevers.
Then last week, all 3 kids got a stomach bug.
Here is a little miscellaneous update about life lately!
Iced coffee in the afternoon saved me last week...non fat vanilla latte..always!
Our Saturdays are now soccer Saturdays for both girls! Go Claire, go...scoring on a breakaway!
For our girls Elementary Auction this past Spring, one of the auction items was a scavenger hunt on your cruisers to our downtown area. The event was held the other weekend. Myself and a bunch of my girlfriends bought the auction item. They put on 3 teams. We were the blue team!
Our kids school mascot is the cougars, so this even is called "Cougars on Cruisers" LOL!
We all rode our cruisers to one house & had dinner there...check out all the cruisers!
Then, after dinner, they gave us our scavenger hunt list & we had to go around town getting things on our list/photos on our list. It was so much fun! 
Our blue team ready to go! Triple B's!
We all met at 9pm at a local bar to turn in our scavenger hunt items!
Such a fun night out with friends! I highly recommend adult  scavenger hunts!

Someone in our neighborhood accidentally called 911 & a firetruck circled down our court to turn around. Luke just so happened to be looking out the front window, so he ran outside while I followed right behind him. Luke was wearing his fire hat because he pretty much wears it 24/7. We waved to the firemen & they saw Luke so they stopped the truck. One of the fireman jumped out to give Luke a sticker. I told him that Luke was obsessed with firetrucks & wants to be a fireman when he grows up. The fireman told me his name was also Luke. You should have seen the look on my Luke's face.
Fireman Luke brought Luke over to the truck & let him sit on it & check it out. 
Too bad this didn't happen 3 weeks ago during Luke's firetruck party! 
Fireman Luke told us to stop by the station anytime. My Luke keeps asking me every 5 minutes when we are going to Luke's fire station. So cute!

 Well, one of our former youth group kids recognized fireman Luke from my photo that I posted on IG & it was one of his friends! Fireman Luke went to high school with his wife!
 Fireman Luke's wife was having their first baby in a few days, so this weekend is fireman Luke's last weekend at the fire station & then he is taking a month off. He wanted to make sure he gave us a tour before he went on paternity leave, so he asked our friend to pass on his contact info to me.

So, that day after school my kids got a VIP tour of the firehouse courtesy of fireman Luke! They got to go on the fire engines, try on some gear & were given a fire safety course. Now, all 3 of my kids want to be firefighters. Such a great afternoon, thanks fireman Luke, way to go above and beyond to make my kids day! It's the little things...I love nice people!
We were so thankful for the amazing tour that we made our favorite chocolate chip cookies & brought them to the Firehouse as a thank you.
Who doesn't love homemade cookies?!?!

So, I know I am 10 years late to the party, but at the end of Summer, I started watching Grey's Anatomy! I had never seen it before! I know!!!!! I started with Season 1 on Netflix & I am currently on Season 4. SO GOOD!!!! I cry almost every episode! I can't believe it took me this long to watch it!
The weather here lately has been SO HOT. This was the forecast last week:
Yes, it was 106 on Thursday. It was awful.
September in California is always pretty hot. Fall doesn't really begin until late October/early November.  *Sigh*
I don't like weather in the 100's during the summer months, much less in September!

Last week we had a birthday in our house! Claire turned 7!
 We celebrated Claire's birthday with a Tea Party on Saturday.

I will do a full post on the party, but for now, here are some sneak peeks!
It was a "shabby chic" tea party:
It was such a fun & simple party! Stay tuned for the party post later this week!
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Speaking of Rodan + Fields... later this week I will also be traveling to Austin, Texas!!!
I will be there over the weekend for the Rodan + Fields Convention.
I am so excited. I love Austin. I have been there 3 times, but it was when I was in college playing soccer at the University of Colorado and we played University of Texas. So, it has been 15 years since I have been there.
I would LOVE any restaurant recommendations, specifically Tex Mex and/or Texas BBQ! 
I am all about the local food & drinks when I travel! 
I am staying right off 6th street. 
Can't wait to hear your favorite things to do in Austin!


  1. Cougars & cruisers sounds fun! Love the fireman Luke story! So sweet.
    I quit watching Greys....maybe I will pick it up again!

  2. Glad to get all caught up on our family. The cougars and cruisers looks like a lot of fun. The birthday party was just beautiful!

  3. You have been crazy busy but look at all the fun!! I can't imagine how awesome that experience was for Luke!

  4. I love Austin!!! I go a few times a year. Z'tejas on 6th street is yummy. Get a cupcake from Hey Baby! You will have a blast.

  5. Austin is such a great city!!!! Chuys, Franklins BBQ, Salt Lick, Torchys & Gordoughs are all favorites!!!!! Have fun!!!
    - Jenn

  6. Hi Mel, Here Marion from The Netherlands again after a long time. I can only tell you how I enjoy your stories with nice pictures. And you make your blog already so many years. My compliments! You have a busy householding with your husband and three children and not to forget your job, sport, etc. etc. WOW. Lucky you enjoy your life. I am looking forward to the pictures of Claire's 7th birthday and the baptism of Kate in last june. Work enough Mel. :) Thanks to give me joy and lessons by your blog. Best regard from Marion Bolthof, Baarn in The Netherlands.

  7. Luke & Luke are SO cute! My husband used to be a fireman when we were in college and I loved watching him drive the truck. So fun that you are watching Grey's! The first few seasons are definitely the BEST!

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