Show & Tell Tuesday {Beauty Routine}

Today I am linking up with Andrea for her Show & Tell Tuesdays.
Today's topic is your beauty routine.
My beauty routine is pretty simple & not too complicated!
 In the morning I was my face with my Rodan + Fields Reverse products.
 Face Wash - Toner & Skin Lightening Cream - SPF 50 Sunscreen
 The Reverse regimen got rid of my pregnancy melasma & I continue to use it to keep sun damage at bay!
3 times a week I will use our Micro-dermabrassion paste instead of the face wash. I LOVE our paste!
For make-up, this is pretty much all I wear on a daily basis:
 Cover girl Eye Shadow
Cover Girl Eye liner (charcoal)
MAC Pro longwear lip gloss (lasts for hours & hours!)
 (I LOVE this powder, it has SPF 20 in it!) 
That is pretty much all the makeup I wear! And, during the summer I don't even wear this much make up, it's usually just my SPF moisturizer! 
I have been using R+F products for over 2 years and can't believe how they have transformed my skin. I don't wear foundation anymore!

Here is my nighttime routine:
I use our Redefine Regimen (which is for fine lines & wrinkles)
Redefine products I use on a nightly basis are our Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing toner, AMP Roller (The roller has 192 acupuncture grade needles. You roll it on your face for 1 minute and it helps stimulate collagen & increases firmness in your skin!) After I use the roller, I use our night renewing serum (that comes with the roller) and then I use our Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream & also our Multi Function Eye Cream.

 Every Sunday night, I use our Macro Exfoliator (shown on the far left)
The Macro E is used once a week to sweep away dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion. In just 5 minutes, millions of dead skin cells are taken off your face! I use it on Sunday nights so that I start the week off with a fresh face :)

Every night when I get in bed I use these 2 items on my lips:
Lip Microderm stick (sluffs off all the dry skin on your lips) & then I put on our lip renewing serum (it has natural moisturizing factors, smoothes lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles)

If you are looking for a new skin care line and want to try out Rodan + Fields, all our products have a 60 day empty bottle 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying them out!
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 Our mineral peptides powder comes in 3 shades: light, medium & bronze.
This powder is PERFECT for the summer because it has SPF 20 and it is so lightweight. You don't even feel like you have a powder on & it won't melt off your face like foundation or heavier powders!

We have products for ALL skin types! Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Acne & Sensitive Skin!
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 The final beauty product I want to talk about is nail polish!
I LOVE nail polish. This is part of my collection.
The 3 main nail polishes I use are: OPI, Essie & Sally Hansen Insta Dry.
I paint my nails every Sunday night...again, I like to start off the week fresh :)
I paint them a different color every week. 
I am looking for a good no-chip top coat...any one have any recommendations?!?

So, there you have it...my "beauty" routine!
It is pretty simple! 
What are your favorite "must have" beauty products?


  1. I agree ladies! Post some non-chip recommendations, I need them badly!

  2. Drooling over your pretty nail polish collection!

  3. Butter London has the best base and top coat ever I've used them for the past 3 years and I swear by their brand. It is on the more expensive side but it lasts forever!

  4. I use essie good to go top coat. (dries super fast!)

  5. What nail polish remover do you use? I'm trying to find a good one that doesn't smell really strong and stinky.

  6. I have used the Essie base/top coat - liked it. I just bought the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine. I'm only on day 2 of my mani/pedi, but so far it looks shiny, like I got my nails "done."

  7. I had pregnancy melasma too! Brown dark spots under both eyes that I covered for years and if I was out in the sun they were 10x worse!- but oddly they disappeared on their own a few years ago! I am loving all the nail polish - I swear by the nail polish drying spray as my only top coat and the Ulta brand works great for me! It will dry and coat well for a week+.

  8. I use Revlon's gel top coat and it makes my nail polish last a lot longer!

  9. Essie Good To Go is my first choice top coat, then Seche Vite. Seriously, though, search "Gelous" on Pinterest. It's a base coat that gives your mani gel-like staying power with no UV light. It's amazing!

  10. Haha our posts are so similar! Love it. I use the Reverse line too (thank you years of soccer outside). I've thought about using the Redefine regimen too opposite the Reverse. And I'm a MAC girl too. I use Sinful Colors nail polish and it's absolutely amazing for the price. I don't use a base or top coat. If you find a top coat though, please share!

  11. I love that you paint your nails every Sunday night! I wish I could stay on top of a routine like that. I'm usually too lazy by the end of the night to do it, although it definitely the best time to. I use CND Vinylux Nail Lacquer for my top coat and it does a great job!

  12. I love nail polishes too you have an amazing collection.


  13. Your nail polishes!!!! Sooooo gorgeous!!! I think I need to try the R and F powder!! Sounds fantastic! I am so impressed that you always have your nails done beautifully and you always look great!

  14. I second using the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy DiamondTop Coat. You can put it over any nail polish. It's not an actual gel and can be removed with regular nail polish remover. And only $5!

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