Insta April

I can't believe April is over!
It was a busy, busy month. 
Here are some highlights from my iPhone.
Softball Season is in full swing.  Love my little lefty. Kate is doing so well this year. 
It is fun to watch.
Lazy Saturday mornings are far & in between since we are in Softball season, but I do cherish the mornings when we have cinammon rolls.
As you know, I love party planning. I am always on the look out for party stuff.
I have been known to buy things for parties months, even years ahead of the party.
For example, before Claire's 1st birthday party (Ice Cream theme) , I had the theme for her 2nd birthday party already planned (Ladybug theme) and I even bought a lady bug pinata before she was even 1 so that I would have it for when she is 2.
And, when I was pregnant with Luke, we didn't find out what we were having. But, the Target dollar spot had the cutest Nautical items, so I bought them because if I had a boy, I knew I wanted to do a Nautical 1st Birthday Party.But, it was a boy and I did throw a Nautical 1st Birthday Party!
My nephew Jack was born on September 19th, which is national talk like a Pirate Day, so my sister is going to throw him a Pirate birthday party for his 3rd birthday (in 2 years) because the 19th falls on a Saturday in 2015. I saw this Pirate stuff at Target a few weeks ago sent her a picture text and told her she better go buy it.   It's never too early to plan a party. LOL! Yes, I know I am crazy :)
Speaking of parties, a highlight of my month was throwing my sister a Cookies & Milk Baby Shower.
 Shower post {HERE}
Right before Easter, I saw these eggs at the grocery store. 
Pre-dyed Easter Eggs?!?!
Easter Eve....it's fun being the Easter Bunny!

For Easter dessert, I made Pam's cheesecake. So good!

Swim team started the day after Easter. The girls love riding their scooters to swim practice each afternoon.

One of the local country clubs has Bingo once a month, so me & 2 of my friends went to play last week. Oh my gosh...it was so fun. It was us and all the old people.
There were some serious Bingo players. We played 10 rounds and we had 2 cards each. We didn't win, but it was SO much fun. We are going to go every month now!
 Last weekend was a busy weekend, but so much fun.
We headed to Napa to celebrate my friend Jackie's 35th Birthday.

Napa is gorgeous in the Spring. So green & poppies everywhere.
 If you have never been to Napa, I highly recommend it!

 The whole crew at V.Sattui

 Me & the Birthday Girl:
 Sunday was my nephew's 6th Birthday Party.
How cute is the Lego Theme?!?!

I think Luke needs a Lego theme party one of these years. How cute is the cake my mother in law made? She is the best!

Snacky Lunches are my go to during the school year. 
Apples, aged white cheddar cheese, mixed nuts & pretzel thins. Yum!
Kate lost 2 teeth in 24 hours on Sunday & Monday. The tooth fairy was busy! 
 I love making these Tooth Fairy Recipets. Tutorial {HERE}
It was exactly a year ago today that she lost her first tooth. Now she has lost 6!

It is hot here this week...in the 90's. We rode our bikes downtown for Taco Tuesday. Love family bike rides!
 My In-laws are in Kentucky this week & going to the Kentucky Derby this Sunday.
If you know me, you know I LOVE Cracker Barrel. We don't have them in California, but whenever I go to the South, I try and go to Cracker Barrel as much as I can. My mother in law had never been, but they went the other day in Kentucky & sent me this text:
 She has also been texting us some photos or all the tours they have been going on this week.
Here is Churchill Downs:
They have also gone on tours of horse ranches. Here are some previous Derby winners:
They are having a great time...I want to go to the Kentucky Derby. It is totally on my Bucket List. 

I took Claire & Luke to lunch yesterday, Luke insists on doing "cheers" whenever he has a cup. 
So cute.

So, there you have it....a sneak peek of our busy April through the eyes of my iPhone!

Don't forget....Pin-Spired with me, Shay and Sheaffer is tomorrow!

Can't wait to see what Pinterest Inspired Outfits you link up!

Can't believe May is here.....that means it is Kevin's birthday month, my birthday month, my nephew's birthday month and it also means that my niece will be born this month!
It's a good month to be born :)

May also means that summer is almost here...I can't wait!!!!
Happy May Day!


  1. Whoa I thought I had a type A personality but you have me beat by a long shot! I buy things waaay far in advance too and everyone thinks Im crazy hahaha so yes. I get it.
    P.S. I live in South Carolina and there is a craker barrel on every corner (literally) I can mail you some chicken tenderloin anytime hahah.
    Thanks for sharing!
    x Dani

  2. What a fun month April was for you guys! V.Sattui is a really fun spot, but it has always been so when we've gone. I've been reading your blog for a while and I never caught on that you're in California. We live in the Bay Area!

  3. Fun post! Yes April went by fast but that means that summer vacation is closer!!
    Don't you love Napa and V. Sattui is beautiful. We were part of their wine club for a while.
    I always love seeing pictures of your parties and holidays.
    Oh and lazy Saturday mornings are the best!

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  5. On my "to do" list: Checking my calendar and making Erik "babysit", SO going to the next Bingo! AND buying a bike so I can go downtown with the fam and we can go downtown together to grab a glass of wine. Don't forget your helmet! ;)

  6. I totally buy things and plan out parties in my head way ahead of time too. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it's just who I am. I definitely have a stack of rulers I bought on clearance to use for next year's valentine's sitting in my basement. You are not alone! lol

  7. those personalized lego cups are awesome!

  8. What a great April. Can you believe I live in KY and haven't been to the Derby. I'll get there one day, big hat and all! Cracker Barrel is one of my favorites too. Between the food and the cute little shop items, you can't beat it.

  9. I've only been to Napa once but I LOVE V. Sattui!!

  10. I was born and raised in Napa. :) Whenever you post pictures from there, I get incredibly homesick! One of the most beautiful places ever.

    But I now live where there are Cracker Barrels and I was just there yesterday morning. Their pancakes are my favorite, I get them every time, no matter what time of day it is!



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