Weekend Fun

This weekend had me longing, dreaming and pinning for summer.
The weather was gorgeous (as it has been for the past 5 weeks)
We have been so spoiled in California this Spring.
The highlight of our weekend was celebrating Kevin's birthday!
Coffee & Presents in bed!
Cinammon Rolls for breakfast:
 Celebrating Daddy:
Trying out the new sandwich shop in town. I got a BBQ chicken sandwich. SO good.

 Cheering on Kate at her softball Game:
 Then it was date night! Kevin wanted to ride our bikes downtown for drinks & dinner.
(Also....LOVE my cropped jeans. Got them here)

SO much fun.
We are declaring this Summer the summer of bike riding. And we want to ride our bikes into town as much as possible.
After dinner, we picked up a movie (Silver Lining Playbook) and some gelato.
We also watched The Office Series Finale on Saturday night. I had Open House for School on Thursday Night, so didn't watch it then.
I thought the last episode was perfect. I laughed, I cried.
Great way to end it. (Unlike the Seinfled Series Finale...lamest finale in TV history and Friends was the BEST finale in TV history) 
The Office has been such a great show. I will miss watching it on Thursday nights.

Sunday was spent going to church, a little gardening...
And, then spending the afternoon by the pool.
It was such a great weekend and I am counting down the days until the lazy days of summer. It can't come soon enough!

Here are the THREE winners of the Totally Desperate Mom Book Giveaway!

Congrats Lisa,  Esther and Haley!

Leave me a comment with your email & I will get you hooked up with your books!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I love the photos of you and Kevin from your bike ride!
    Your pink bike with a basket is so cute!

  2. Killing me with cuteness on that bike ride! I love your cropped jeans.

  3. that bike is so stinkin' adorable! I think I'd want to ride bikes all the time if I could look that cute doing it!

  4. I don't know what to comment on first! The yummy looking sandwich? Adorable you on the bike? The pink bike? The cute kids in the pool? There was just too much cuteness!

  5. Mel - did you guys try out Ike's? I went there a few weeks ago - so good but so messy! The weather right now is amazing that we had some iron horse trail action as well :)


  6. Eeeek! I can't believe I won! Thank you so much! Love your blog. Haley.weiner@gmail.com

  7. Did you get your sandwich at Ike's?? LOVE that place.
    I eyed that gelato at the store and was kicking myself for not buying it. Next time I'll buy 2 to make up for it :)

    1. YES! Ikes. SO good! And, you need to buy that gelato!

  8. Wow! I never win anything! erapark1@gmail.com
    Thank you so much for doing the giveaway!

  9. Yay! ***Happy Dance*** I'm a winner! My email is: lisanilsson7@gmail.com. Thank you! Happy birthday to your hubby!

  10. completely agree with your assessments of those series finales! :)

  11. Now that sounds like an awesome weekend! I LOVE your bike, it totally rocks. Oh and your flowers are gorgeous. I can't wait till the lazy days of summer either. Pools, Sunshine and all that good stuff. Makes me giddy just thinking about it.

  12. What a perfect birthday! Sooo jealous of the cruisers! Where is that felt birthday banner from? I love it!

  13. so cute that you guys rode your bikes on your date!



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