The Weekend + A Winner

It's Monday. Sigh.
This weekend was one of those weekends that made me desperately long for summer.
The weather has been GORGEOUS the past couple of weeks.
I love this time of year because it means summer is almost here and it means Garden time!
I look forward to planting my garden each Spring. I get giddy planning it out!
Usually I don't plant it until late April/early May, but because the weather has been so nice (and is going to be nice all week), I decided to plant it this weekend.
I love going to the nursery & picking out the veggies I am going to plant! 
Homegrown Tomatoes. Is there anything better?
I spent Friday afternoon getting my plants. Then I had to pick up some things at the grocery store.
Their computers were down, so we couldn't check out for 45 mintues!!!
But, they were passing out wine samples, to keep people happy, so that was awesome.

Friday Night is (always) Pizza Night. My new favorite combo....Pepperoni, Pineapple & Jalepeno. 
SOOOO good. Don't knock it until you try it :)
The sweetness of the pineapple paired with the spiciness of the peperoni  & jalepeno is so good.
Add some ranch dressing & it's even better. 

Warm weather means Iced Coffee Season is here!
Sweaty, but happy after doing yard work all weekend & getting my garden planted!
Stay tuned for the Garden Post :)

 This book. Can't even read it without crying. I'm a hot mess.
On April 1st,  I got an email from the Huffington Post (!!!!!) asking me if I could be on a LIVE skype interview panel with 4 other moms about celebrating holidays. They saw THIS article that I wrote and wanted me to be a part of it. I was flattered (and SCARED!)
I didn't end up doing it because I wasn't available for when they were doing the live panel. I was able to watch it later that night and it was a really great interview with 4 lovely moms who all had varied opinions on celebrating holidays. Very well done.

 Apparently it was National Sibling Day last week.....in honor of that, I posted this pic of me & my sisters from Mother's Day 2009. We all randomly showed up wearing the same thing. This happens all the time with us. Two out of the 3 of us are usually wearing something similar.
 Some days call for making homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. Here is my recipe. I am a Cookie Snob. Are you?

Afternoon Snack. Spinkles make everything better.

 And, the winner of the $50 Kohl's Gift Card is:
Congrats, Ginny Marie!
Leave a comment with your email!

{Also, I am part of a $200 Birthday Giveaway on Melissa's blog, enter HERE for your chance to win!}

Happy Monday Friends!
Only 9 more Mondays of school left...summer, come quickly!


  1. I have so many things to comment on! First, that pizza looks fab (and so do your cookies and iced coffee). Second, I totally give the girls credit for swimming in April. It was the Polar Bear Plunge all over again (minus Tierra having a melt down). And congrats on being asked to be a part of that panel...super cool! Have a wonderful Monday Mel!

  2. I totally agree with Shay! So many things I want to comment on! First, I love the garden pictures and can't wait to someday have a cute little garden!! :) I laughed out loud about Luke! Hahaha :) and finally How cool is that about the panel?! So wonderful!! :) Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  3. I love pepperoni and jalapeños so I will definitely try adding pineapple! Looks yum! I can't wait to see your garden pics...I am toying with that idea myself. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Kate is the world's cutest catcher ever! We always have pizza on Fridays, too...it's taken years to perfect the crust and it was so worth it :)

    Totally a cookie snob...crispy cookies(unless they are oreos or something) are certainly not worth the calories!

  5. Do you have a pizza crust recipe you can share? We have tried doing our own pizza's but not much luck with the crust.... Have a great week... We also planted our little veggie garden last week. We live in AR, luving the warmer weather--but not the pollen!

  6. My daughter went in the pool yesterday as well....crazy!! I feel bad because today she work up with a REALLY red back. Time to get the sunscreen out as well.
    Love the crackers with peanut butter and sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles make everything better!
    happy Monday Mel!

  7. Love your blog...love that book too... but the giants? Dodgers all the way! ;)

  8. great photos! favorite=Kate the catcher.
    so cool that you were contacted by H.P.!
    I want some of that cake batter!

  9. Pineapple pepperoni is THE best pizza combo, hands down! You're making me wonder about the jalapeño combo not too! Nom nom nom.

    and baseball and gardening...such a PERFECT time each spring. love love love love.

  10. That is the BEST kind of pizza! We make pizza at home at least once a week and that's my go-to. You can't top it (no pun intended). We had red pepper too for extra spice, but I adore it!

  11. wine samples was a brilliant move for them!

    I LOVE the sprinkles on PB! Really fun!



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