Gender Reveal Party

This weekend was my sister's Gender Reveal party for her baby that is due 6 weeks after me.
My sister had her 20 week appointment on Friday & had the Dr. put the gender in a sealed envelope. They took the sealed envelope along with with a box to a party store store & asked them to fill & seal the box with either blue or pink balloons depending on what the card said.
I brought 2 presents for my sister. First, my friend Wendy's book on Motherhood. If you don't have it, buy it!
And, secondly....Chocolate! Hershey bars that I colored to say He R She.
Lots of Pink & Blue at the party.
Pink Lemonade & Blue Raspberry
I made some cupcakes & cupcake toppers for the party:
For the party (which was mostly family from both sides), we wore either pink or blue depending on what we thought they were having and then we also got to place our vote on the box.
Rebecca was wearing pink & voting for pink.
Jason was wearing blue & voted boy.
We were all SO excited for them to open the box that we made them open it before dinner.
Everyone cast their vote. 7 people voted Boy & 8 people voted Girl.
They couldn't wait to open the box & see what color balloons flew out. I loved that they waited to find out until the party! The suspense was killing everyone!
It's a........
As you can see, my whole family (besides my dad & Kevin) wore Pink.
We were wrong! Can't believe they are having a Boy. So fun!
Congratulations, Rebecca & Jason on Baby Boy Baker.
I have already started planning the shower! I have never done a boy party, so this will be fun!
Jason is over the moon excited. Rebecca is excited too, but is not sure what to do with a boy. All we know in this family is Girls!
Now, the big question is....will her baby have a girl cousin or a boy cousin?
I am kinda hoping I have a boy now too so we can learn about raising boys together!
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  1. This is adorable! The look on her face opening that box is priceless! Boys are so awesome. I was scared too, but he is the love of my life. And always nice to have a boy to balance out the girl drama!

  2. I think it's so cool they waited until the party to find out! How fun for them :)

  3. this is the cutest thing ever. what a cool way to find out (and share) the baby's gender. i will have to keep this in mind :) congrats to your sister!

  4. yay for baby boy! How fun.
    I need that book. Googling it now.

  5. What an awesome idea!!

    One of the parents from the day care center I used to work at were expecting twins and did a similar thing but took two pink and two blue cupcakes to the doctor and had him put the right two back. That night at their party they got to enjoy two blue cupcakes!

    The balloons are so fun though!!

  6. I loveeeeee having a boy!! How exciting for them!

  7. Loved the idea of having the shop put the correct colored balloons in the box. I've seen people ask the bakery to make either a blue or pink cake, but never balloons. I'll have to remember that one for the future.

  8. AW! I got teary looking at her face when they opened the box! Love it! I wanted a girl too and my heart melted big time with my little boy. She will be great!!!

  9. That is THE cutest gender reveal idea ever. And I had no idea the "Hershey" bar had both of those on there, lol! Yay for a BOY! Your little guy will have someone to play with... ;)

  10. What a cute idea! I love it! I've always thought I would wait till birth to find out the gender, but if I find out prior, this is the way I'll do it!

  11. what a great idea! loved the pics! congrats to everyone! :)

  12. So cute! I've never heard of a gender reveal party. What a great idea! Almost makes me wish I could have another baby! With our 2nd we just waited to find out in the delivery room. I guess it was our very own private little gender reveL party! LOL!

  13. LOVE this! We had a gender reveal party & used the cake as our reveal! We've already been brainstorming for our next party & a box of balloons was on the list! such a fabulous idea!

  14. What fun! Our family looks for any excuse to get together, too. Might as well celebrate as much as possible!! She looks great!

  15. Love this. I love that you can see the excitement in her face when the balloons are flying out!

  16. It was exciting to watch the box open and I don't even know them! What a GREAT idea! I can't wait to be able to do things like this with my future grandchildren's moms. Someday. Not now. LOL :)

  17. so cute!

    i love that they didn't find out until everyone else found out. what a clever idea!

    we were like you, we didn't find out with any of our kids. with mauryn, my dr had to write it on my chart that i didn't want to know if it was a boy or girl. i was his only patient at the time who wanted it a secret. when i had mauryn, the nurses/drs were so excited for a "surprise" baby. it made it so fun!

  18. What a FUN and cute party!!! I can imagine their excitement as they saw the balloons floating up. Congrats on a nephew. :) Cute blog!!

  19. What a FUN and cute party!!! I can imagine their excitement as they saw the balloons floating up. Congrats on a nephew. :) Cute blog!!

  20. What a FUN and cute party!!! I can imagine their excitement as they saw the balloons floating up. Congrats on a nephew. :) Cute blog!!

  21. What a FUN and cute party!!! I can imagine their excitement as they saw the balloons floating up. Congrats on a nephew. :) Cute blog!!

  22. Okay this party is AMAZING! I'm doing some gender reveal stuff for some friends so this gives me great ideas--thanks!



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