10 on 10 :: May 2012

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

Today was a busy day at school, we are in the middle of state testing, so no pictures allowed at school! Here is a snapshot of my day before & after school!

{New shoes that make her run "fast"}
Blooming:{Just planted my zinnias last week. They make me smile!}
{It was sunny out & I didn't have my sunglasses in my car, so I wore Kate's}
{A staple in this pregnancy...Bagels!}
{Grow, Garden, Grow!}
{Taking my girls out for a special treat!}
{26.5 week bump!}

{Trying to decide what color to paint our bedroom...would love any suggestions. I am looking for a blueish grayish color. Have a color you love? Please share it with me!}
{Ducks in a row during bath time}
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Hope you had a great 10th!
I am so, so, so happy that the weekend is almost here.
It has been a looooong & busy week.
School has been crazy busy, our house has been crazy with construction & Kevin has been working like crazy, over 70 hours a week the past few weeks.
Weekend, come quickly!


  1. That's what color we are painting our Master bedroom! But I haven't found the perfect color yet, either. Ours will be more gray than blue but more blue than gray in the adjoining bath. I'm still looking!

    I remembered 10 on 10 today, too! You always inspire me to participate :)

  2. Check out Restoration Hardware Silver Sage (if you haven't already). Maybe even get a tester of it and paint a swatch on the wall. I always think it looks more blue/grey on the walls than the greenish tone it seems to have in the store. It's my all-time favorite paint color - we have it in our bedroom and our kitchen! Love the new blog design, too!

  3. Your baby bump doesn't get much cuter. I agree with RH Silver Sage. I had in in my old house and loved it. It is super soothing.

  4. Your zinnias are so pretty! & I love your new blog design. :)

  5. I love it when kids think new shoes make them run faster. Adorable!! :)

  6. As an interior designer, I've used lots of different paint colors/brands...but HANDS DOWN, the color that gets the most compliments, and looks good with anything...it's at Lowe's (not sure which brand but they will know)...called SMOKE INFUSION. It's a gorgeous, subtle blue/gray.

    Your belly bump is too cute btw!!!

  7. I just used bm wedgewood gray. Perfect color! I love it.

  8. I would love to have a green thumb like you! That baby bump is just adorable! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. I think this week has been busy for a lot of people! Those flowers are just beautiful...I'm planting this weekend. Love your baby bump and you with the cute sunglasses :) Mmm...bagels. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  10. I love your new blog design!! One of my favorite paint colors is Night Mist from Benjamin Moore. It's a blueish/grayish/greenish color.

  11. Your bump is ADORABLE! The zinnias are beautiful :)
    Happy Mother's day!

  12. you sunglasses reminded me....

    when we lived in sunny LA, Nick was the soccer coach for Jacks team...and Belle was a newborn. I had something to do...so he had to coach a game, wearing Belle in the bjorn, AND...the BEST PART..he couldn't find his sunglasses, so he WORE MINE...they were the BIG NICOLE RICHIE popular kind!!!!! It was RIDICULOUS!

    love your new blog look :-)

  13. baby bump! barely. you're cute and tiny.

    we painted some of our walls a silvery blue. the original color was dusty miller (behr). it was too dark. we added white paint to it till we found the right hue, then had it mixed. we call it dusty jones. it's perfect!

  14. Not that we'll paint our bedroom again, but that's what I was going for, too and it turned out to be WAY too blue! Oh well, there's always the bathroom :)

  15. My brother had some sonic the hedgehog shoes that made him run "fast" when he was a kid. 20 years later and we still tease him about running around Payless telling everyone how he was running as fast as sonic.

  16. Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage!!! It is exactly the color you described.

    I love the ducks, so dang cute. :)

    And your bump!!!

  17. I love all those little rubber ducks in a row, so cute! Great set!

  18. Great set Mel. That FroYo looks pretty good and those cute polka dot clothes the girls are wearing are darling.

  19. wonderful set - now I want bagels and frozen treats all at the same time!

  20. Valspar Bay Sands from Lowes. We just put it in our master bath with slate tile. It was our second choice as the first was a little too blue. This is perfect blue/gray with even a touch of taupe.

  21. Benjamin Moore's Nantucket fog is a great blue/gray!



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