My Sister's Wedding: Professional Pictures

Today, my sister has been married 4 months.
They got their wedding album last week & I realized I never posted any of the Professional Wedding Pictures like I promised! Oops!
{I posted pictures I took HERE.}

I love looking at people's wedding pictures & their professional pictures turned out great!
(And, it doesn't hurt that my sister & Jason are beautiful people!)

All photos by Hoffmann Photographer.
(Steve Hoffmann was the photographer. He is a family friend of ours. He was also our youth group leader when we were in high school! He became a professional photographer about 8 years ago. He is based out of Orange County/Los Angeles. I know a lot of you are MomTog's. Steve photographed DrewB's wedding 6 years ago!)

Getting Ready:

The Girls:

{Claire was taking a nap during all these pictures, but she chickened out walking down the aisle anyways, so the nap during pictures was just a foreshadowing of what was to come!}

The Guys:

The Ceremony:

Bridal Party:

Bride & Groom:

{My Toast}
{The First Dance}
{Sign of a good wedding...heyyyyyyyy!!!!!!}
Thanks for looking at the photo-overload!
I love weddings!
This weekend marks the first of 5 weddings that we have in the next 3 months!
I can't wait...Let Wedding Season begin!


  1. Beautiful bridal party! love the color of the dresses; you all look like sweet Tiffany boxes!

  2. Beautiful! My fave is of your sister holding hands with her husband in the field!

  3. Okayyy - I can't decide my favorite. They are all so gorgeous.

    I do love the one of the three of you - with you and your other sister looking away - so beautiful

    And the one of all the girls and kate in the foreground among the flowers. Yep, I think that is my fav :) Sooo gorgeous! glad you shared!

  4. So pretty...and YOU look gorgeous, really stunning Mel!

  5. you look RE-diculously beautiful! the pictures are amazing..what a blessed day!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! The photographer did a great job with beautiful subject and backgrounds! I love your sister's shoes by the way!

  7. Gorgeous! love the colors of the dresses and flowers. Such a beautiful wedding!

  8. What pretty wedding photos. They really seem to capture the fun and happiness of the day.

  9. great pictures! Love the shot under that awesome tree branch.

  10. Wow... those are STUNNING! The colors, the location... the green grass and yellow flowers... wow! I love DrewB... I read both of her blogs :)

  11. I love wedding photos, and these are beautiful :)

  12. Love the photos - what a beautiful wedding!! Your sisters' colors are my colors! Can I ask...where did she get her shoes and what brand are they?

  13. These are fantastic! Your sister is stunning! The photos captured the joy of the day. They are all wonderful!



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