Our Favorite Summer Snack

Hands down, Watermelon is my favorite fruit.
You could call it an obsession. It started when I was pregnant with Kate.
It was the summer of 2006 and I was in my first trimester & couldn't keep anything down.
And, it was a hot summer. Like really, really, really hot.
The only things I could keep down were cereal and watermelon.
I would eat about 1 watermelon a week.
I would buy a watermelon at the store & when I get home I chop it up into chunks.
And then store it in a huge tupperware and put it in the fridge.
All week long, I when I was craving watermelon, I would open the fridge & snag some watermelon chunks. Refreshing.
Now, everytime I buy a watermelon, I immediately chop it up and put it in my tupperware in the fridge. It is the best way to store a watermelon and it is a no-fuss snack for my girls.
They also LOVE watermelon. It doesn't surprise me that they love it because I ate SO much of it during both of their pregnancies!

After I chop up my watermelon, I put 4 cups aside and put it in the freezer.
Why would I do that?
To make Watermelon Daiquiri's (of course!)
Here is what you need:
Watermelon Daiquiris:
4 cups cubed watermelon, frozen
1/2 cup watermelon rum
1/3 cup orange juice
4 T lime juice
(You can use Watermelon Vodka instead of Rum if you want)

Put everything in the blender.
Blend it up & pour it in a glass.
It's more fun when you add a straw & an umbrella!
Delicious & Refreshing!


  1. Ok, that watermelon daiquiri looks delish! And we happen to have a watermelon sitting on the counter right now :)

  2. I love watermelon too. When a friend of mine was pregnant she was craving yellow watermelon and I would give her one at random times. I love the idea of just having it ready in the fridge.

  3. I love watermelon so I know I would LOVE that yummy glass of deliciousness.

  4. yum. watermelon has been my drug of choice this summer too! and i go through one a week as well.

    but i THINK i'll be making that daiquiri ASAP.

    PS someone taught me to cut watermelon this way - and i never went back


  5. I ate watermelons the entire summer I was prego too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've gone nearly this whole summer without any and now it's almost midnight and I feel like I need to go to the grocery store to buy one! Ha!

  6. No fair that you entice me with this drink recipe while I'm expecting!! Maybe next summer :)

  7. Yum! I ate tons of watermelon (and pineapple) during my pregnancies!

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  9. I have a watermelon in my fridge and am tempted to start slicing that baby up! Your recipes are always so yummy, I am excited to try this one. This will be on my weekend "to-do" list! Thanks for sharing.


    i was terribly sick. porcelain throne was my bf. my husband would leave a bowl of chopped watermelon by my bedside when he went to work. i worried i wouldn't like it post pregnancies, but i still LOVE it {especially with salt}.

  11. killing me that a daiquiri is your "favorite summer snack." that's why i love you so much.

    and frozen watermelon is my fave, too. now i'll have to put it to better use. :)



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