10 on 10 :: September 2010

Ten on Ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.
Happy Friday & Happy 10 on 10!

At school, here are the 3 math books that I use:
(I am teaching 3 different math classes this year)
When I got home from school, the UPS man delivered the Thank You cards I designed for Claire. I love how they turned out:
Garden fresh tomatoes (from my neighbor & Kevin's parents) Yum!
Nothing better than home grown tomatoes!
Claire having an afternoon snack of blueberries (while "vacumming" with her toy she got for her birthday)
Claire playing in the car while I buckled up Kate in the car seat:
Dinner time....Friday night is Pizza Night!
And, it was a beautiful night so we ate dinner outside.
Playing in the backyard after dinner:
Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our room before bedtime:
I got my Colorado gear laid out for the big game tomorrow. Colorado is playing Cal.
Go Buffs!
So glad the weekend is here!
It has been a busy & fun filled week for our family!
But I am exhausted & going to bed soon!
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Back to school, back to school.

    I'm living for the weekends as well.

    Your girls are the cutest and as always, you have a great 10.

  2. I'm glad for the weekend too! This year is a first time school experience for the whole family with my son starting Kindergarten. It's a BIG deal!

    I cannot believe all the things we see and do and accomplish in one day. Ten on ten is fun. Looking forward to participating with you again!

  3. Bravo! Your series is wonderful. Fridays are for pizza here, too. Each picture is fresh and f-u-n.

    I'm your new follower!

  4. 3 DIFFERENT CLASSES? Oh dear. This is my first year to just teach ONE class... I'm in heaven. Although by the time I teach it the 5th time, I'm like--you guys already know how to do this right?

    And where did you have the thank you cards printed? They look great.

  5. Go Cal! :)

    And happy, happy Friday! SO glad it's the weekend...

  6. Adorable kids! And God bless you for teaching math! It was my least favorite subject and to this day I completely suck at it. Great 10!!

  7. love the 10 on 10 again this month...totally forgot to do it...and i even thought about it on the 9th! i need to remember for next month.

  8. Your girls are beautiful! Love all your photos and I love your header line . . . live laugh photography.

  9. Great pictures! Your thank you cards are adoralbe!
    Friday night is pizza night at our house too!

  10. Visiting from ten on ten to say thanks for your comment and see your pics, too. I loved each one...I kept thinking, I think I could be friends with this girl!

  11. Great 10! I miss homegrown tomatoes. We had our share ready in late July/Aug. We had a ton of BLT's during that time. YUM!

    Love your TY cards. Your girls are adorable.

  12. That pic of Claire in the car, for a second, I thought it was Kate!!! Great day, sadly my 10 on 10 was my Grandpa's funeral : ( Don't think I'll post!

  13. What a sweet weekend!
    Love them jumping on the bed.

  14. I love your pictures! Your girls are so sweet!



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