Dear Target,

Just when I don't think I can love you more than I already do, you TOTALLY out do yourself.

I don't think you understand how happy I was when I saw this on the front entrance of my local Target:
Now I can get clothes, shoes, tolietries, cleaning supplies, grocercies, meat & produce all in one place?
Yes, please.

(Don't even get me started on the dollar section....LOVE!)

Only 27 more days until this is a reality. Can't wait for September 12th.
I think it is time for me to buy stock in Target, because the amount of money that I spend there is going to increase (sorry, Kevin)

And, if getting a full grocery section wasn't good enough, this week our Target replaced ALL of the shopping carts, with awesome new plastic shopping carts.
They are the smoothest, lightest, easiest things to maneuver.

I love you, Target.

Your BFF,


  1. Have you seen the two story Targets where they have a 'cart escalator'? We saw one for the first time in LA this summer. My boys were fascinated!

    We're getting produce in our Target too. I'm in TROUBLE!

  2. I know! Ours got groceries a couple of months ago. LOVE it. Plus they sell my favorite greek yogurt that I am constantly running out of. Double love. And when I saw the new carts last week I was a little embarrassed at how excited I was. It's the little things, right? :)


  3. I always promise myself I am going to go a week without going to Target and then I break my promise! And of my gosh, I didn't know there were Targets that are 2 stories! Get out of town!!!

  4. I love target, we plan on a move to Nashville, tn (my husband once he graduates will have a job there) They have super targets there LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  5. wooot! kinda jealous over here! : )

  6. Super Targets are dangerous but oh so fantastic. We've had them so long though, I have almost forgotten what it's like to shop in one that doesn't 'have it all'.

    I'm glad yours is expanding :) sad for you wallet, but happy for you. It's nice to have everything in one place.

    And the new carts, they're awesome!! I think my friend called them space ship carts. Love them. Best decision ever.

  7. You know I'm in FULL nesting mode when I found myself at Target 5 times last week!! And, why is it that I haven't taught school in 2 years and still spend a ridiculous amount of money on school supplies??
    Thanks again for the pictures last week...figuring out which ones to order is on my to-do list for the week :)

  8. I too have an affair with Target. One of my favorite things to do when my hubby is gone is to go to Target a few hours before closing time and wander through the aisles. They have such neat stuff and its so quiet close to closing.

  9. We've had a "Super" Target for so long... I didn't realize that some don't have produce! How exciting for you! I wonder if our target is getting the new buggies? jealous!

  10. I am so with you, I LOVE Target as well. I will have to check and see if our local Target is going to be carrying fresh food as well. I sure hope so!


  11. Mel, you're killin' me. How about locally grown? Supporting small business? Fighting consumerism???

    FINE, I'll just have to do it for both of us. :)

    P.S. I'm such a hypocrite because now I am totally fighting the urge to go to Target on my lunch break today...

  12. i'm seriously jealous! at least ours has those sweet riding carts. i love them more then i probably should.

  13. I am so jealous! I could banish all other stores from my go-to list if only my Target would get produce! Enjoy!

  14. Woo hoo!!

    I wish there was a Super Target closer to us. I would be shopping there all the time

  15. You will LOVE it. Ours added that a few months ago and its sweet.

    Tonight I went to Target to get new salt and pepper shakers. Nothing else. yeah right. $75 later I was out there with shoes, a sweater, dresses for the girls, tights, dance shoes....

  16. I feel the same way. Our fresh groceries come on Oct. 15th!!!!

    Sometimes...it's the little things that make your day.


  17. Love Target too! It's all kinds of fabulous! A girlfriend can really get herself into trouble in that store! Have fun hanging out in the new produce section while you skip through the aisles with your ultralight cart... :)

  18. My Target (and yes, I always refer to it as 'MY' Target...lol) just closed completely down for 5 days and re-opened as a Super Target. The best part was that they were handing out $10 coupons on opening day...made my whole week! It doesn't take much... =0)

  19. Okay, it's out there. We break people's water.

  20. P.S. Tell me dear Target, that your produce will be better than Trader Joe's.

  21. Yes, your bill at Target will fo sho go up....I have to make myself buy the necessities at Wal-mart so I can justify my Target purchases. It's so fun though!!!

  22. The Dublin one already has it!!!! It's AWESOME!!!!

  23. Oh, be still my heart...I love Target--as in love, love.

    I hope ours will carry more groceries one day!

  24. You will LOVE your new Target! We have a SuperTarget just 2 minutes from our house...I don't know what I would do without it.

  25. We have the new carts at our Target too! Love them!


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