A visit to the Doctor

Today we had Claire's 1 week check up & Kate's weight check.

Kate: 20 lbs 6 oz & 32.5 inches
(she gained a pound since her 18 month check up. yay!) She is in the 2% for weight & 50% for height).
Kate has her appt with the pediatric cardiologist on Sept 29th to get an echo-cardiogram to check on her heart murmur.

Claire: 9 lbs 7 oz & 22.5 inches (100% for both...haha..so different than Kate!!) we go back in 3 weeks for her 1 month check up. Obviously the measured Claire incorrectly at birth, because there is no way she grew 2 inches in a week. I am thinking she was really 22 inches (or more) at birth.

I also weighed myself at the dr. (we dont have a scale at home) I have lost 30 pounds & have 12 pounds until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight! not bad for 9 days post partum....gotta love breastfeeding!

And, here is a cute pic I took today of the girls:

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