Stainless Steel Wipes

Last month, I told you about The Ped Egg.

This month, I HAVE to tell you about my new favorite product.

Weiman's Stainless Steel Wipes. They are the BOMB.

Kevin and I are "nesting". Usually this happens a few weeks before the birth of your child. For us, we didn't nest until this weekend and Claire is already 2.5 weeks old. Better late than never, right?

We decided to deep clean our house. We started with our kitchen Friday night after the girls were in bed and cleaned until 1am. We re-sealed our granite countertops, cleaned the shutters, cleaned the sink and then I decided to try out these stainless steel wipes that I had picked up at Safeway earlier in the week for $4.79

Seriously, I was SHOCKED at how well they worked. My appliances look brand new. I am so happy.

It is a little pathetic how excited I am about these wipes. I need to get out more.

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  1. i agree - these things are the BEST! love my kitchen when i'm done with them :o) now if i can teach the other members of my household how to use them...



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