10 on 10 :: December 2008

Here is my 10 on 10 for December:

Walking into my Classroom at 8am:

Breakfast of Champions in between classes at 9am:

View of Osage Park outside my classroom door:

This is what Kate was wearing when I picked her up from my Mother in Law's. Apparently Kate's diaper exploded this morning and got all over her clothes (and on my mother in law's jeans!) This outfit was the only backup Jill had. The jumper is size 6 months. oops. Guess I need to give her a back up outfit! Could her dress BE any shorter? ha!

Kate opening her mouth to show me her teeth. I noticed yesterday her 2 year molars on the bottom had come in.......i wonder how long ago they came in? I guess this could explain the waking up in the middle of the night, loss of appetite & runny diapers she has had the past 2 weeks. Sorry Kate...she got tylenol tonight!

I opened up the front door after lunch & what did I see? 4 UPS packages delivered to me!

One of the packages was from Bronners. 2 weeks ago, my friend Melissa (who has the same b-day as Claire & won our online baby guessing game) sent Claire a birthstone ornament that was blue and had snowflakes on it with a sapphire gemstone (not a REAL sapphire) in the middle of each snowflake. And, the ornament had Claire's name on it. Well, I loved the ornament so much I had to get Kate one also (because, you know in a few years she might feel left out that Claire has more ornaments than she does...I am just planning ahead people!!) Kate's is red for her January birthstone garnet. And, I got another one for a friend who had a baby this year...I am not saying who in case she is reading this :)

Claires's ornament:
Kate's ornament:

Claire Bear in her Santa hat:

Kate putting the next ornament on her Advent Tree before bedtime (she is really into wearing a Santa hat)

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