Prime Time & Winners!

I don't know about you, but I have an Amazon Prime Problem. 
 I thought it would be fun to do another post on some of the things that I buy on Amazon.
I did a post like this 6 months ago in May, you can see it HERE.
 I love seeing what people buy on Amazon!
Before I get to my Amazon purchases, here are the THREE winners of the Instant Pot-ober Giveaway!
Each of you wins an Insant Pot AND a $100 Amazon Gift Card!
The winners are:
Kendall J,  Linda T. and Cassidy L.
Leave a comment or send me and email to claim your prizes!

 I buy things on Amazon about 2-3 times a week. If we need something, I look on Amazon first...because FREE 2 Day Shipping!

Here are some recent Amazon orders:

Powdered Peanut Butter (perfect for adding to smoothies!)

Perfect to add to my water for electrolytes. Way better for you than Gatorade.

I love these for days I go on runs.

Butter Spreader!

 Holds your butter so you can spread on toast, pancakes, corn on the cob, etc! Comes in a 2 pack.

Lid organizer!!!

 Why didn't I buy one of these before?!? No more mess of lids in my kitchen!

Gift of Dyslexia:

If you have a child who is Dyslexic this is a great read & so insightful.
This would also be a great read if you are an Elementary school teacher.

When I went to NOLA in September  I needed a dress for our Gala....found this gem for under $25!
This is the Dress I wore:

Here it is on:

 I am 5'9 and wore a medium. I got the small as well but returned it because it was SO short!

For our Vegas trip, I actually bought BOTH of my dresses on Amazon...and they were both under $25!!!!

The dress I wore Friday Night:

Here it is on:

 I wore the small. It was a little short, but we were in Vegas, so I fit right in. LOL!
The medium was way too baggy. This dress was so comfy. That night we had dinner/drinks in our friends suite, went to Beatles LOVE, then the Chainsmokers concert at club XS. We were at the concert until after 4am and I danced the night away in that dress and it was so comfy! I loved that it looked like it was a skirt/shirt, but it was actually a dress!

The dress I wore Saturday Night:

 Here it is on:

This is the same as the NOLA dress, just in black instead of the gold/silver color. 

I love that I got cute/fashionable dresses without having to spend an arm and a leg...don't know the next time I will have a need to wear sequins/flashy dresses like this, so Amazon was the perfect option :)

Lightweight Leather Earrings. 4 for under $20!

Claire's Halloween Costume:

Kate's tutu for her Halloween costume:

Sweater I wore for our Family Photos:

Cute shirt for under $20

Pencil Grips for Luke...he holds his pencil wrong, so needed to get these for him.

They are helping so much!

I love all the colors & I color coordinate my grade book, so these are the best :)

Avocado Slicer....this thing is AMAZING!

It cuts the avocado open, gets the pit out & slices it! I am obsessed!
This laundry detergent!

My friend Jen told me about it....it is amazing. 
You soak your workout clothes/clothes/towels or sheets in the detergent in your bathtub and then wash in your washer with regular detergent....look at the after of the bathtub water....EWWW!!!
Front loading washers don't get things as clean, so this stuff is a miracle worker.

(Meant to give this to Claire for her birthday, but I forgot so it will be a Christmas present)

Lego Advent Calendars...our elf brought these last year and my kids loved them!
 Got new ones for Elf to give them this year.

So, there you have it...some of my Amazon Prime finds for the past few months.
What are your favorite Amazon finds! Do you buy clothes on Amazon?
Do you have any dash buttons? Tell me more about them if you do! 


  1. I love seeing all the Amazon Prime Purchases. I was thinking of getting my kids the HP DVD's so this was a great reminder to add it to my cart. I host a monthly linkup called Prime Purchases for everyone to post their recent buys. Link here -> Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. I love the dress you wore in Vegas that looked like a skirt/top but it didn’t link to that dress. Would love to find it.

  3. Amazon posts are some of my favs. I love fining new things from friends!

  4. I recently found dupe Lululemon On The Fly pants. Lulu is $98 and these are $27 and AMAZING and exactly like the Lulu ones! I even faked my lulu obsessed friend! SCORE! I am planning to try a couple more of the same brand in some shirts.



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