10 on 10 :: August 2017

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Here is what my 10th of August looked like......
Luke turned 5 on August 9th & we had his party on his birthday & so the morning of the 10th I woke up and got all the decorations taken down. Can you guess the theme? I will be blogging it soon!
I watered my garden and noticed that my watermelons are totally growing!
Then I headed to school for a math department meeting learning about a new Math 180 program.
 After my meeting, I got my classroom organized & set up for the school year...can't believe school is starting!
 After I was at school for a few hours, I went home and had lunch...I made a homemade Acai smoothie bowl. I am LOVING making these! I will blog the recipe soon. So good!
Luke got his Paw Patrol Water Squirter Backpack for his birthday, so he wore it all afternoon & had fun spraying the grass & plants with water :)
 Then I had to get ready for another party at my house. I was hosting a Flipping into 3rd Grade Flip Flip Pool Party for Claire & some of her friends. This was an auction item at our school's auction that I donated. My friend Jackie helped me throw it. The girls swam, jumped on the trampoline & did some flip flop crafts. We had fun!
  Here are the cookie favors for the party, aren't they cute?
After the pool party, we headed to Claire's soccer practice. I am one of her coaches this year, it's been so fun coaching soccer again :)
 Then Kate had soccer practice. After her practice, we had dinner and the kids swam. The kids wanted to eat their dinner in the hot tub, so I let them. We had Instant Pot Pulled Pork. So good!
 After dinner I was so tired from a crazy busy day (and I got a sinus infection earlier this week, so I wasn't feeling well) so I headed up to bed and watched How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.
 This is one of my very favorite sitcoms, so I decided to start it from Season 1, episode 1 since it had been years since I watched them. I forgot how much I love this show, especially the first few seasons.

 So, there you have it...a sneak peek of my 10th of August! 
It was a fun & busy day...and now school starts today! 
Where did summer go?!?!?

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  1. Being sick in the summer is no fun!! Hope you feel better soon!
    Happy Back to School!

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon! You must have a lot of patience to coach your own kids- my husband and I would be bananas as our kids' coaches! Can't wait to see how Luke's party turned out!

  3. I love reading your 10 on 10 posts!

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