10 on 10 :: May 2017

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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 Here is a sneak peek of our day on May 10th!
I love documenting the ordinary things of our day & looking back at them each month!
Here is a sneak peak at our day.
On the night of the 9th, Kevin and I got back from an amazing 4 day trip to (freezing cold) Chicago.
Waking up on the 10th, I for sure needed this big mug of coffee!
 I was also happy to be back in warm, sunny California.

 I got to school a little early because I needed to sort through all the papers, etc from having a sub for a few days.
 After school, I had to rush home because the plumber who is attaching our gas line to the built in outdoor BBQ was there. We are making progress on the outdoor kitchen...we picked out the granite (the one closest to the bottom) and it should be installed by next weekend.
 Then it was time to tackle some laundry. SO.MUCH.LAUNDRY. I am always behind.
Snack time.....Caramel Cheddar Popcorn from our trip to Chicago. It's SO delicious!
Then Luke and I headed to pick to pick up the girls from school. We bought Luke this Cubs beanie baby while we were in Chicago. He named him Cubby and has carried him around ever since with we gave it to him :)
 After school, the kids and I went to our friends house so that Claire & her friend Kira could work on their "commercial" for their school Market Day project. They are making & selling slime.
Then we went to Trader Joes because we had no food in the house!
The rest of the evening was spent doing homework & prepping dinner. This is the hat we got Claire in Chicago....she wore it to school she loved it so much.
Claire's nickname is Claire Bear, so this hat is perfect for her...it's her favorite color, it has a C on it & a bear.
 After dinner, I headed upstairs & got Luke ready for bed and read him books. I got my pj's on and planned on doing this 10 on 10 blog post and then reading for a bit.
I just got THIS book ( this is her new one, I LOVED her other 2 books The Secrets of the Midwives and The Things We Keep) I started reading the first few pages, but I could not keep my eyes open because I was still on Chicago time. I also couldn't muster the energy to do my post, so I decided to just go to bed.

So, there you have it...a snapshot of our day!
It was a good 10th...hope yours was as well!


  1. I just love everything Sally Hepworth writes!!

  2. I've been looking for my next book to read and I think you just found it for me. :) The Things We Keep is up first!

  3. I feel you on the laundry! #neverending ;) ... And that hat is perfect for your girl!

  4. I CANNOT WAIT for your post about your trip to Chicago- my hubby and I would love to do a weekend there and I was following along on Instagram-can't wait to hear what you recommend!

  5. That popcorn though! Oh it is my ABSOLUTE FAVE!!

  6. Your outdoor kitchen looks awesome so far! We have a couple of Trader Joe's here in Houston but they're all in locations that are 30+ minutes away from us- need to get there soon. Glad you had a great trip to Chicago, and I hope your kids spoil you rotten today! Happy Mother's Day!



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