Back to Life, Back to Reality

Please tell me you remember that song from the 90's & please tell me it's now stuck in your head :)

Today we went back to school after 2.5 glorious (and I mean glorious) weeks off.
Our school schedule was strange this year & they changed our school calendar. We started school 2 weeks earlier (in the middle of August) so that the semester ended before Winter Break. This meant we were in school until December 22nd, which was late!!!  And, we now end school on June 1st instead of the middle of June. This schedule isn't my favorite....I want school to start after Labor Day and end at the end of June like when I was a kid, but I don't think they will ever change it to that.

Anyways, because of our school schedule this year, we got 2.5 weeks off for Winter Break and didn't go back until today....which was awesome! 
The not awesome part was only having 2 days off before school Christmas, so a lot of our Christmas activities felt rushed. We crammed in a lot, like going to see Christmas lights at our local Griswold house....pictures don't even do it justice...
 My sisters and I on Christmas Eve after church:

What the kids left for Santa....
The aftermath of what Santa brought the kids....
Then over to my parents for Jimmy's 3 meat breakfast....
 We said goodbye to Christmas & then headed to Tahoe for a week.

This was basically me in Tahoe:
The week between Christmas & New Years might be my favorite week in the entire year. Sooooo relaxing! We skied for 3 days & of course I wore my Colorado beanie the day our football team played in the Alamo Bowl (that game was rough. Yikes!)
 I channeled my sadness about the game and finally beat Bowser's Castle in Super Mario Brothers. Kevin and I love this game on the wii and so do our kids.
  You don't even want to know how many hours we spent playing Super Mario Brothers this break.....#somany #ilosttrack

 The last few days in Tahoe a HUGE snow storm hit....it was beautiful.

 It was truly a Winter Wonderland! Driving home was a little nuts...
 After we got home from Tahoe we still had another 5 days until school started back up, so it was spent reading books, playing more Mario Bros ;) and getting things done around the house.

I think I wore pj's 95% of the time during Winter Break....it was awesome!
So thankful for over 2 weeks of family time with no homework, no responsibilities & no structure!
Like I mentioned in my 2016 letter the other day, I didn't open my laptop for over 10 days...the best!
 But now, it's back to life & back to reality!
Less than 3 months until Spring Break ;)


  1. Ah! What a fun time!!! I loved all of your holiday pictures!

  2. Sounds like an awesome break - except that part about not getting out until the 22nd! That's cutting it a little close for my taste! And yes, spring break will be here before we know it!!!

  3. That song is now officially stuck in my head lol!! Those Tahoe photos are beautiful!

  4. When I was growing up in the midwest, we went to school after Labor Day and got out before Memorial Day. I think its insane how many days the kids go to school now.

  5. We used to have your schedule in Texas, and then it was changed a few years back. I can't stand being in school in June! We haven't started our spring break countdown yet at school- just workin' for the 3 day weekend ahead! :)



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