Weekend Fun + A $100 Rodan + Fields Giveaway!

Over the weekend I was in Lake Tahoe for a free trip to Lake Tahoe with our Rodan + Fields team. 
It was a Level 5 retreat & it was a blast! 
View from the house....
 We got spoiled by our team leader the whole weekend.
When we arrived on Friday we got massages...I don't know about you, but I LOVE massages!
Saturday we did some training & then headed out for some Lake Tahoe fun!
We went to my favorite places on Lake Tahoe...Sunnyside! Great views & great drinks...you know I had a lemon drop :)
Level 5 leaders on our team, these ladies are from all over the country & one flew in from Canada!
 One of my favorite things about Rodan + Fields is the amazing friendships I have formed.
 These girls were my roomies for the weekends. They live in Texas but have became great friends & I have loved getting to know them over the past couple years.
 One of the activities that we did at the end of the Retreat on Saturday night is everyone had a blank sheet of paper on their back & we went around and wrote one word we would use to describe that person. It was an awesome activity. Great for retreats & team bonding!
 We ate the most amazing food all weekend long....it's Wednesday & I think I am still full from all the delicious food.  Sunday breakfast was from The Dam Cafe. It's located on the Dam in Tahoe City on Lake Tahoe & the Truckee River. 
Check out this breakfast sandwich:

 I love taking photos of food so that I can re-create them when I get home :)
This is called the best Dam breakfast sandwich in Tahoe.
A freshly baked croissant, fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, a hashbrown (!!!), avocado & of course I added some Cholula.
Oh my goodnesss....SO NOT HEALTHY, but SO AMAZING.
I'm all about moderation....it's okay to splurge every once in a while! :)

I headed home from the weekend filled up & thankful for the amazing friendships and opportunities Rodan + Fields has given me. 
 I am excited for everything I learned over the weekend, but mostly I am thankful for the opportunities I have had because of Rodan + Fields. 
Direct Sales is something I said I would NEVER do.
I am a teacher & mom of 3 young kids, I had no sales experience at all. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone 2.5 years ago and decided to do this very part time.....just a few hours a week!
Maybe you are looking for a fun opportunity to earn some extra income in VERY part time hours that is flexible around your schedule! 
If you are looking for something like this, I would love to chat with you more. I have girls in all different parts of the US and Canada on my team and would love to chat with you about it if have questions! 
We are launching into Australia within this year....SO exciting!

I had NO experience in Direct Sales (I even had a horrible perception of direct sales and said I would NEVER do it)
I thought, if I don't try it, I will regret it..so I jumped in head first and didn't look back. I NEVER saw myself where I am today, earning free trips and LONG TERM RESIDUAL INCOME!
What I did know was that Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields were the worlds leading Dermatologists, they built a multi-billion dollar business with Proactiv and they doing it again in the aging market! 
Right now, R+F is the Number 1 premium skin care brand for Anti-Aging and Acne.
 However, the best part for me is helping women who see the incredible opportunity we are sitting on, and helping them do the same! I am now a part of an inspiring team of entrepreneurs.
Maybe this business isn't a right fit for you personally, but you never know!
This business truly is a gift, and for those who take it and run ANYTHING is possible...I have seen it first hand.

For information regarding earnings under the R+F Compensation Plan, see the Income Disclosure Statement {HERE}

There are some REALLY FUN and AMAZING things happening right now with our team & I would LOVE for you to be a part of it!
Or, maybe you aren't interested, but  you know who might be looking for extra income or a way to have some fun by joining my team?
 Send me an email:

I also have a FUN Giveaway!!!!! I haven't done a R+F Giveaway in a long time!
Who wants to win $100 in Rodan + Fields products?
 This giveaway is open to anyone who lives in the US or Canada.
It is open to current customers AND non-customers!
Which products would you want to try?

For brown spots, dullness and sun damaged skin.
(Click HERE to read more about the Reverse products)

For acne and post-acne marks.
(Click HERE to read more about the Unblemish  products)

For wrinkles, pores and loss of firmness.
(Click HERE to read more about the Redefine products)

For sensitive, irritated skin and facial redness.
(Click HERE to read more about the Soothe products)

All our products come with a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee.
You can literally return the EMPTY bottles after 60 days for a full refund if you don't like the products.  
I love seeing Before & Afters....

And, of course...the eye cream is also amazing!

We also have other products like our Essentials like our body sunscreen & sunless tanner. 
We have Enhancements products like one of my favorites... Microdermabrasion paste.
I use it 2-3 times a week at night to wash my face.

Our Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is a high-glide, oil-free formula designed to promote maximum gentle exfoliation, featuring vitamins C and E.
Use it 1-3 times per week on dry skin in place of your cleanser to refresh and renew the skin’s surface  & then follow with your skincare routine (one of our Regimens!) Helps to enhance cell turnover and improve your skin tone and texture.
It smooths away the rough spots.

I wanted to let you know about my Rodan + Fields special for the month of May.
$20 cash back, 10% off your order, Free Shipping & Free Essentials item

I love our Essentials items....you get your choice of our Daily Body Moisturizer, SPF 30 Body Sunscreen, SPF 25 Lip Shield or our AMAZING Sunless Tanner.....which sells out every Spring/Summer....get yours now before it's too late!

***If you become a preferred customer this week & win the giveaway, I will reimburse you $100 for the products you bought***

To enter the $100 Rodan + Fields giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below!
One of the options is leaving a comment letting me know:
What is your biggest skin concern & What products do you want to try?

You get extra entries for taking my Solutions Tool HERE to find out what products are best for your skin & leaving another comment letting me know what Regimen it recommended!

Giveaway ends next Friday 5/27

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Looked like a great weekend!
    I would want to get the Micro derm paste and the sunless tanner.

  2. I took the solutions tool and it said Reverse.

  3. My biggest concern in big pores and dullness! I'd love to try the microdermabrasion paste

  4. Reverse for me. The products all sound amazing!

  5. Lake Tahoe is on my Bucket List! I could almost smell the fresh air while reading your post. I'm about to turn 42 and wrinkles and dull skin are my main concerns.

  6. Goodness I would love to win so I can finally purchase the unblemish system. That would be a real boost for my confidence!

  7. Would love to win. Wrinkles are no fun!

  8. Love the microdermabrasion paste and I'd love to try the sunless tanner!

  9. It recommends i use the unblemish and redefine systems!

  10. What a lovely weekend! Unblemish for me :)

  11. Primarily reverse but I would add some redefine in there too

  12. I got REVERSE, which is what interested me anyway. Also the paste!!

  13. Dark spots on my skin are driving me crazy! I'm chicken to spend the money on reverse and be disappointed if it doesn't help!

  14. I keep looking at R and F but haven't committed! My skin has been crazy lately and I would love to try the acne products! I got unblemish and redefine!

  15. It recommends I use the unblemish regimen with the redefine night renewing serum.

  16. My biggest concern is adult acne. I'd love to try the UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash

  17. Your trip looks amazing! I've always wanted to go to Tahoe. I'd love to try the self-tanner. I am so pale and wear so much sunscreen - I'd love to have a little color.

  18. I biggest concern would be sensitivity & I also have a brown spot on my cheek I don't really like ;) I would LOOOOVE to try the sunless tanner & sunscreen!!!!!!!

  19. Wrinkles and coloring from pregnancy. I would love to try the reverse!

  20. My biggest concern is not seeing age on my face. Also acne. I would love to try the microderm paste.

  21. I would love to try reverse. I have dark spots that I really want to get rid of

  22. I would love to try the unblemish and or soothe. I have tried many different skin care lines and have yet to find one that works. R&F is next on my list after the bottles of what I have now run out! I struggle with breakouts and redness so either or would have to help! ;)

  23. I want to try the Amp roller - just wish it was not so pricy!

  24. I would like to try the Reverse line, and also the microderm paste sounds amazing! After having 3 babies and having lots of hormonal skin changes, my skin is in need of a treat! :)

  25. wrinkles & firmness, would love to try the redefine line!

  26. I'm starting to get wrinkles and want to try redefine!

  27. I would love to try the sunless tanner this summer!

  28. You should write a post about how you manage your teaching job, sales job, family and still manage to stay fit and healthy. I love to read blogs. It's rare to find one written by a Mom who works outside the home. Would love to see how you balance it all. I'm sure I'm not alone.

  29. My biggest concern is dull skin. I would try reverse.

    Kristin M

  30. I have dark spots from my pregnancies. I'd like to try REVERSE.

  31. blackheads the start of fine lines. Would love to try redefine

  32. I have tried EVERYTHING for my acne and have spent thousands of dollars to not get the results I want. I would love to try Unblemish regimen.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. It suggests the reverse regimen for my dullness and dark spots from pregnancy. I would also love to try the eye cream and microderm paste!

  35. It suggests the reverse regimen for my dullness and dark spots from pregnancy. I would also love to try the eye cream and microderm paste!

  36. Sunless tanner or anything with an SPF

  37. I currently use Unblemish with AMAZING results...now I just need to get the scarring to fade, so I'm Interested in the reverse & redefine, but nervous to stop the unblemish and potentially have my adult acne return...but I'm also REALLY interested in trying the sunless tanner

  38. The price is what stops me, but someday I'll save up and try the Unblemish.

  39. I want to try R & F! I would do reverse. Looks like a fun trip!

  40. I would do Reverse... biggest concern is dark spots and wrinkles.

  41. My biggest concern is dullness and uneven skin tone. I want to try the Reverse products.

  42. My biggest skin concerns are acne! I'd love to try unblemish and reverse!

  43. I love Lake Tahoe. This makes me think I need to take another trip up there this summer.

  44. My biggest concern is melasma and brown spots from my current pregnancy!

  45. Reverse!!! I took the solution tool and it agrees!

  46. Biggest concern and what I see in the mirror always is melasma and sun damage. I keep thinking about reverse but haven't made the plunge! - Monica C

  47. Lake Tahoe looks like so much fun! I hope to make it there someday!!

  48. The solution tool recommends Redefine Acute Care Skincare for Expression Lines.

  49. My biggest skin concern is losing firmness so I want to try the Redefine Acute Care Skincare for Expression Lines.

  50. Unblemish! I'm still waiting for the pregnancy glow to set in but as this is my 3rd pregnancy I've yet to have the glow :)



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