10 on 10 :: March 2015

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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March 10th! Already! Time is flying!
Here is a sneak peek of our day, yesterday!
 At school...what I eat for breakfast everyday Monday- Friday. Luna bar! This is my current favorite flavor. So good!
And, coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

I also love my calculator caddy. We are working on our Geometry unit right now!
 Leaving school for the day (I teach part time, so I am done teaching at noon each day!) Our school parking lot has these beautiful trees and since Spring has arrived here in California, they blossoms are in full bloom! My allergies are going crazy....all that pollen!
Even though my allergies are acting up, the good news is my parents neighbor is harvesting honey in his backyard & basically a bee keeper for fun. He started bottling the honey & selling it at the Farmers Market.  He gave some to my parents, so I am eating some of it since local honey is good for your allergies! And, his honey is delicious!
 After I got Luke from my parents, we headed to our local Costco to surprise one of the workers. 
One of the greeters at our local Costco is the nicest guy. So happy, so kind. Always positive. Everybody loves him.Years ago he got diagnosed with MS. Then, this past Fall he found out he had terminal kidney cancer that has spread to his bones. His doctors have given him less than 2 years to live. My friend from high school (and R+F upline) asked for donations to surprise Arile & his wife with a trip to their favorite spot in Laguna Beach. We had a private FB group so that it would be a surprise for Arlie. On Tuesday, the 10th a handful of us met at Costco to present Arlie with the gift. There was a news crew there (one of the people who donated works at the news station)
 He was so surprised....it was really emotional! Lots of tears!
 The story was on several SF Bay Area news stations last night (and Claire was so excited because she saw herself on TV, there was a quick clip of her and I walking in (Luke was in his stroller, you couldn't see him) Then, today (the 11th) Arlie's story was trending on Yahoo!!!!! 
(Yahoo clip HERE) If you are someone who prays...keep Arlie in your prayers!
Arlie is truly an amazing person. Arlie's big passion is the Children's Hospital Children's Miracle Network donation drive that Costco has every May. His goal is to be #1, he has finished in the Top 10 in North America. We are starting a donation drive to help him reach his goal. If you are a Costco member and want to donate, send me an email and I can let you know how to donate to the Children's Miracle Network in honor of Arlie!

We headed home and Luke played for a few minutes before his nap while I got his snack ready. Our dog is so patient with Luke and just loves watching him play.
While he napped, I packed up R+F tanner & micro dermabrassion paste from my bulk order last week. If you ordered those, they have been shipped out!
Stay tuned for later this month, I might have another bulk order at the end of the month!
After Luke's nap (had to wake him up to go pick up Kate from school) we got Kate and then had a few minutes to spare before Claire's gymnastics class, so we headed to Startbucks because this Mama was tired from a busy day and of course the havoc the time change has caused on us! I know it was only an hour, but man....it has kicked our butt!
I ordered a drip coffee at Starbucks because we were in a rush and I didn't have time for them to make my normal.... a vanilla latte.  The drip coffee was being brewed, so we had to wait for it and the sweet cashier didn't charge me for my coffee. (I think she felt sorry for me because my kids were going crazy while waiting. LOL!) Thanks Starbucks cashier for my coffee!! I love nice people :)

While at gymnastics, Kate read her new American Girl Grace Book #2 and Lukey and I played blocks.
 I love Kate's love of reading!

After gymnastics we headed to our friends Adoption Party! Our friends who are amazing people decided to become foster parents a few years ago. (Their son is Kate's age (they were in preschool together) and their daughter is Claire's age) A few years they felt called to become foster parents and 2 years ago were placed with a 3 day old baby girl for foster care. Then, 13 months later that baby girl's mom had another baby, a boy. The social worker called my friend to see if they would foster him as well. They decided to not just foster them, but to ADOPT both of them! Yesterday was their court date and they are officially part of their family forever & they had a big party last night, so we went to that.
Aren't these signs that her husband made awesome?
 Phew! It was an emotional day...between Arlie & the Adoption party! Lots of happy tears.
March 10th...so glad I documented it. It was an extra-ordinary day!


  1. Hi! Is that Erin C planner your lesson plan book? Just curious.

    Love your blog! :)

  2. Arlie's story made me tear up. What a wonderful thing you guys did for him and his wife! That's just amazing!

  3. That is awesome what you guys did for Arlie! What a special group of people...love stories like that! And score on the free starbucks.

  4. Arlie's story is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! What an awesome guy!

  5. I wish my Costco had a greeter like Arlie!!!!!

  6. The story of Arlie warmed my heart, what an amazing gift. I will be checking Yahoo now for the trending story :)

  7. Since our daughter Ellie is adopted, I just love hearing about other adoption stories! What a blessing those two babes are!!

  8. Thanks for the inspiration :) http://www.mamachitchat.com/2015/03/10-on-10-march-2015/

  9. I love reading your blog! I've been following you for years now...and refer to you as PSL Girl ;-) You make me laugh when I need too and I appreciate your down to earth writing style. I'm in the suburbs of Chicago so it's nice to read about your HUGE garden with lime plants and produce that lasts through the fall...and swimming in March. Not to mention your pictures that show off your beautiful scenery and backyard! I'm a tad jealous;) You've inspired me to do 10 on 10...but I am the WORST at remembering the 10th and almost always remember at the end of the day or the next day. God bless!!

  10. The video of Arlie has now made it to people.com! Just watched it and it was just so sweet! You can tell Claire that she's now gone viral :)



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