Insta March!

Can you believe today is the last day of March?!?! 
Here is a look back at some of the things we have been up to this month!

The girls school had their Auction earlier this month. So much fun! Love their school and the families we have met:
My older sister went to Ghana, Africa a few weeks ago with World Vision. 
She sponsors 2 girls in Africa, one with Kate's birthday and one with Claire's.
While she was there, she got to meet Matilda, one of her sponsored children (who is Claire's age) How awesome is that? We sponsor 3 kids through Compassion, I would LOVE to meet them one day.
It's on my bucket list to go to Africa.
 My younger sister Rebecca is due in 7 weeks with a sweet baby girl. I am throwing her a shower....Here is a sneak peek at the invite I made...Can you guess the theme? ;)
  Springtime in California is absoultely gorgeous....this is the field of mustard behind my parents house. Love it!
The girls went swimming for the first time this year on March 13th. It was 80 degrees that weekend. Crazy!!
 On Pi Day 3.14 we had a math in service and got to check out new textbooks.  
I was a like a kid in a Candy Store. I am a total math nerd :)
 One of the other math teachers made Pi Jello Jigglers. Love it!
 2 weeks ago was the CRAZIEST week. It was conference week for my school and the girls school. Kate had softball and swimming. Both girls were in the Talent Show, so there was rehearsal and the show. Plus, my mother in law was out of town (and she watches my kids 2 days while I am at work) It was such a busy crazy week that I literally had to list out by the hour what I was doing so I didn't forget to pick anyone up or miss an event.
One of the girls on my Rodan + Fields team lives in San Fran and her house has an AMAZING location & view. Since R+F corporate is in San Fran, we had an event at her house that our VP of North America came to. Such a fun night.
Here are the views from her balcony:
 That is the Golden Gate bridge on the left:
For the Talent Show, the girls acted out "Do you want to build a Snowman" from Frozen with 4 of their friends. It was adorable.
 Crazy weeks mean In-n-Out for dinner...we only have it every 2 months or so. YUM!
 Softball season is in full swing...no more T-Ball....they get pitched to. Kate got a hit her first at bat. Proud of her!
 We are officially a Swim Team family....good bye lazy summer mornings. Gulp. Wish me luck.
 My good sleeper has turned into a horrible sleeper. I feel like I have a newborn again. Luke's 2 year molars have been coming in for a few months and it has ruined his sleeping habits. Every night at 10, 11 or midnight he wakes up and won't go back to sleep for an hour or 2. #sotired
 Our winter was more like Spring..it was sunny and in the 60's & 70's from Christmas until mid-March. But, no rain. That means we are in a drought. So thankful that the past week we are getting some rain. We need it badly!!!
Our neighbor had a birthday party on Saturday night and we played Left-Right-Center...so much fun.
I won $20! Sweet!

Pin-Spired with me, Shay and Sheaffer is coming up!

The link up will be Wednesday April 2nd
 I am in full Spring Outfit mode!
Speaking of Spring outfits, I just ordered these since I had Nordstrom gift card burning a hole in my pocket!
Get them {HERE]

And, of course the most exciting thing about March....today is Opening Day for baseball!
This is what Claire picked out to wear to school today:
 Go Giants!

So there you have it. A sneak peek of our March via my iPhone!
Happy Monday!


  1. Looks like a great (and very busy) month! Your math teacher post always remind me of my husband. He's adopting new math textbooks this year, and he's as excited about it as you are. Math nerds unite!
    How incredible that your sister met one of the children she sponsors. That's amazing!
    I hope Luke gets into a sleeping routine again.

  2. It looks like you had a great month. The views from the house in SF are amazing! I can not wait to see pictures from your sisters shower.....you have the best parties!
    Happy Monday!

  3. I always love your IG posts!! You had such a fun month!! Happy April!

  4. What a great month you had. Here's to hoping April is just as sweet to you!!!



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