Scenes from Easter Weekend

We had a fun filled & busy Easter Weekend that kicked off with egg dyeing at my in-laws on Good Friday.
Egg Dyeing concentration.
Cute bunny cupcakes my mother in law made with the girls:
Saturday morning was the Eggstravaganza at our church. It started at 10am. I finished sewing the girls bunny shirts at 10:01. (And never sewed the eye buttons on them. Oh well.)
Gotta love being a procrastinator.
2 Funny Bunnies.
Clearly, there is NO Bunny Phobia anymore. *Sigh*.
Keeping busy at the Eggstravaganza.
Back home on Saturday evening & picking the carrots from our garden so that we can leave them for the Easter Bunny.
These carrots started out as seeds last summer but we kept them growing for the reindeer at Christmas & now the Easter Bunny.
Sunday morning before church, the Easter Bunny seems to have left a trail....
{Last year, the Bunny left these tracks & the girls loved that he left them again this year}
The Bunny's trail continued in the house (but with bunny droppings)
The trail (of marshmallows) led them to their Easter Baskets.
I do the same thing for baskets each year...a couple of bathing suits, swimsuit cover up, flip flops & books) The only candy they get in their basket is the best Easter candy ever: Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs.
This year, Kate got 2 books and Claire got 1 book and a mini pillow pet that she has been begging for. Think she was excited?
Then it was time for the indoor Egg Hunt.
The girls would find eggs and give them to each other?!?! Who does that? It was so cute (and Claire started it) We'll see how long that lasts!
Love the colors!
Sorting the eggs by color. Be still my heart.
All ready for church with their curled hair.
2 peas in a pod:
My brown eyed girl:
After church, it was off to Mimi & Jimmy's for another set of Easter Baskets.
Then we headed to our family friends house for our annual Easter celebration.
I left my camera in the car, so I don't have any pictures.
It was such a great day & so relaxing at their house (the girls played with their youngest daughter the whole time!)
It was an Easter weekend filled with good food, great people and a heart thankful for what Jesus has done for us!


  1. Aw, so much fun! What beautiful little girls you have! =)

  2. Looks like a fabulous Easter! Your girls sure looked like they had a blast ;)

  3. Looks like a perfect Easter weekend!LOVE the girls Easter dresses!

  4. marshmellow trail to the baskets....awesome! looks like fun :)

  5. You are so creative with your kids! I hope when mine know what's going on more, I will be that creative too!!

  6. So fun. I love your Easter baskets, I need to remember all that for next year. Cute bunny tracks! :)

  7. all these pictures are too precious! i love that you captured their excitement! and what a sweet idea for the bunny trail! I must remember this in a few years!

  8. I am showing this to my husband...he thinks I am nuts with the "trails" that santa, the bunny, and even cupid leave behind!!! thank you for your attention to detail. so important :-)

    Happy Easter! I know you will continue to celebrate Jesus and spread His love through your awesomeness!
    I love that. Life is so amazing...and you clearly know it!

  9. This post is filled with so much sweetness, especially how the girls found Easter eggs for each other during their egg hunt. Precious!

  10. How fun!! Love the bunny droppings! So clever and funny. Looks like a fun filled weekend for sure! Sounds like you're doing well!!!

  11. How fun!! Love the bunny droppings! So clever and funny. Looks like a fun filled weekend for sure! Sounds like you're doing well!!!

  12. I copied the idea you had for the bunny tracks since I saw last year's Easter post. I just used chalk instead. My daughter loved it!!! It was the best Easter she's had yet! Thank you for the lovely idea!



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