Insta July

How is it July 31st? 
That means tomorrow is August. NOOOOO.
I never like it when August 1st arrives.
August 1st means summer is almost over and that school is going to start in a few weeks.

August also means that my baby is turning one. Tears.

Here is a snapshot of our July via Instagram.

July 1st started out with some fun news, when I got an email from BlogHer letting me know that I was selected as one of Blogher's Voices of the Year.

I was selected for for THIS post. Such an honor!

I also got the dreaded Jury Summons in the mail. Now, don't get me wrong, I would love to serve on a jury one of these years, but when my kids are older & I don't have to find child care for them.
Luckily, I got excused and didn't have to go because I am a nursing mother. Woot Woot!
So thankful, because it was for the Superior Court...those are some serious cases. Yikes.

We attended our dear friends beautiful 10 year vow renewal.
 My sister from another mister. Love this girl.
 My dress is from {here}

 Also attended a sweet baby shower for my friend Jessica's baby girl on the way.

Our trip to Tahoe. Happy Place.
Throwback Thursday....me in a boat in Lake Tahoe when I was 4.

 Family bike rides downtown. One of my favorite summertime activities.
 A rare colorful sky for California in the summertime.
 Early morning coloring.
 A special date with Mommy for donuts while Kate was a camp.
Kate lost her 2nd tooth on 7.21.13
Party supplies for the big first birthday. Thank you, Target.

 Back in Tahoe for more fun.
 Guess who took his first steps on Monday? And, on the beach of Lake Tahoe.
I couldn't think of a better place for him to do that!
Go, Lukey, Go!

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And, be sure to check out all the fun summer salad recipes from yesterday. You can link yours up until Monday!

See you back here tomorrow for Pin-Spired!


  1. Congrats on your selection! I loved reading that post when you initially wrote it. Hopefully, when my (7 month old) son is a little older, he'll love celebrating those holidays just like your kiddos. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Nothing like some sandy fun to motivate a boy to get stepping! :-) So cute.

    Love the party décor you picked out, can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Totally feeling on the August 1st dread! Ugh! We start back on Monday. :/ Too soon!! ...I've loved the countdown to Luke's first birthday on Instagram! Such a great idea to take a picture of him everyday! I know you are soaking up every minute with your sweet kiddos while summer is still here. Hope you guys have a great rest of your week!!


  4. Claire in that dress is too cute! It was stylish then and now that tunics + leggings are in, it's stylish now! What a little fashionista! :)

  5. What a memory, first steps on the beach in Tahoe!

  6. I love that you were there. I love that he is walking. I do not love August. Summer needs to sloooooow down.

  7. What a great month you all had. I've never been to Tahoe but it looks beautiful! How cool that Luke too his first steps there!

    I love the decor for the party. I can't wait to see it all put together. Oh and Luke's hair is just adorable. I don't blame you for not cutting it till after his 1st birthday. I've always been told it's bad luck!



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