Today was the first day Back to School after 18 days of Christmas Break.
It seriously felt like a month long break. So awesome.
Kevin was off work for 10 days, so there was lots of family time.
It was glorious.

Going to see the Griswold house in our town:
And, the next door neighbor....CLASSIC!
We had plans to head up to Lake Tahoe for 4 days, but because California is having the warmest winter EVER, there is absolutely no snow in Tahoe, so we decided to just stay home and get things done around the house.
We "pretended" we were on vacation and had yummy breakfasts like Cinnamon Rolls, Monkey Bread & Chocolate Croissants.
We ordered dinner out out 4 nights in a row. Hooray for no cooking!

We did some deep cleaning around the house and Kevin detailed the inside of my car.
It is SPOTLESS. He is my hero. It took him over 3 hours. Yikes. My car was disgusting & now is so, so, clean. Love it!

There was lots of time spent in our pj's. I mean, it was almost embarrassing how much I wore PJ's over break. Some days I would shower & then change into a clean pair of pj's. Lazy at it's best! But, isn't that what Christmas Break is about?

Is that wig not the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen. She LOVES it.
But, it looks creepy on her because she is so not a blonde. Does not go with her coloring/complexion at all. If she ever wants to go blonde as a teenager or adult, I am going to show her these pictures as a reminder on why she should stay a brunette. Ha!

And, Kevin and I are completely obsessed with Friday Night Lights.
We got the entire series for Christmas and we have been staying up late (sometimes 2am!) watching them. So, so good!

I will be back later this week with my New Year's Resolutions.
For now, I am in Re-Entry mode with school starting up again.
But, I will admit...it was nice waking up this morning, getting dressed and actually going to work and feeling like a "normal" human being instead of staying in my pj's all day!
Wait...who am I kidding? I am already counting down to Spring Break! Gotta love being a teacher!


  1. I am still cracking up over the "ditto"!!!

  2. Awwww, sweet family! :-) Your girls have the best "expressions" ever! :-) So happy you had a great Christmas break! :-)

  3. Yay for long breaks, pjs, and Friday Night Lights! It's our MOST FAVORITE show EVER! Love it.

  4. Me and my hubby LOVE Friday Night lights. We were SO sad when it was over. Almost every Friday, I tell Matt that I miss Friday Night Lights. It was seriously the best show ever. Texas Forever!!!

  5. Sounds like the perfect Christmas break to me!! Delicious dessert breakfasts and organizing... two of my favorite activities :)

  6. That house is wild...imagine the electric bill! Sounds like a really great break and having your car detailed...SCORE! We had days where we showered and put on more jammies too. This is our week to regroup and get back to a bit of normal.

  7. Ok that DITTO sign...fabulous! And the Rapunzel wig? The little girl got that here too! She loves it. Her other favorite was a bright blue LaLaLoopsy wig(so weird) but she loves them.
    And 18 days off?! WOW! We had 10 and I thought that was alot.
    Looks like you had a wonderful break and Christmas. Thank the Lord for those vacations, right?

  8. It is so tough going back after Winter break. We went back on Tuesday and this was my first time going back to school as a mom. We totally enjoyed monkey bread and PJs way too much. Good luck in your re-entry. It's all about Common Core in our neck of the woods!

  9. I love your neighbor.
    Also, make me some monkey bread and send it to me.

  10. I loved being in my pjs for all of Christmas break too! And we have another day off from school here in 7 days, how crazy is it to be counting that down, ha?

  11. that house with all the lights... crazy! i'd hate to see their electric bill. the neighbors house is awesome.

    mauryn learned to ride with no training wheels this summer. its so fun when they can ride on their own.

    it sounds like you had a great christmas break friend!



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