It's Fall TV Premiere Week!

Yes, this is a very shallow post about my Fall TV lineup, because it's Fall TV Premiere Week!
One of my favorite weeks of the year! YEAH!
We don't watch a lot of TV during the week, but there are some shows that I make sure we DVR & don't miss!
Monday Night Football
(LOVE Monday Night Football)
How I Met Your Mother
(LOVE this show. We have been watching it since the beginning. It is equivalent to FRIENDS for me. A good replacement! This show is what FRIENDS was for me in college. )

Glee (last season wasn't that great, but I just love all the music!)
Biggest Loser
(I haven't missed a season of this ever. So inspiring!)

Modern Family (so funny!)

The Office
(will it be good without Michael Scott? I vote no.)

Nothing! We use Fridays to catch up on all our DVR'd shows that we don't watch during the week.

College Football
Rules of Engagement
(We love this show...it used to be on Mondays, then last season it was on Wednesdays & now they are putting it on Saturdays?!?! Not a good sign for the show!)

Sunday Night Football (we love Football in the house!)
Desparate Housewives
(Yes, I watch this. It has gone downhill the past few seasons, I am was going to give up on it, but it is the last season, so I will watch it)

(And, of course I watch American Idol & The Bachelor when they start up in January!)

*All images from google images*

New Shows:
I am going to try out 2 Broke Girls (on after How I Met Your Mother),
New Girl (on after Glee) and Whitney (on after The Office).
I have never seen Parenthood, but have heard it is great, so I want to watch it!

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie (maybe I am!), but we mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay unwatched on the DVR & eventually deleted.

What are your favorites? What new shows are you excited to try out?


  1. Cannot wait to see The X Factor and my Paula and Simon back together!

  2. This year I bought myself the EW Fall Preview. This says a lot about my life this year because I have never had time to pick up new shows since the boys were born!

    I am also picking up:
    Person Of Interest (JJ Abrams starring Ben from Lost)

    An American Horror Story (Ryan Murphy and I was a huge Nip/Tuck fan)

    Up All Night because I love Will Arnett.

  3. Parenthood is one of my favorites!!! I know you will love it, so definitely check it out!!!

  4. I love Parenthood, but somehow quite watching it last season, so now I have to catch up on DVDs. Also, I love Rules of Engagement, but the single guy drives me crazy!

  5. So funny!!! Throw in some Dateline, Parenthood and Law and Order SVU, and take out AI and your DVR sounds EXACTLY like ours! HIMYM is one of my favorites of all time... Totally agree about it being like Friends... Can watch them over and over. Hilarious! And we also watch all our shows on Friday (and Saturday) nights. Super exciting lives! :)

  6. Can't wait for Grey's ANatomy to start up again!

  7. I was just saying I can't believe it's already time for fall tv. I watched the first three seasons of Castle this summer (thanks Netflix) and now I'm hooked. It's so funny. I also love The Good Wife. My hubby is excited about football and the X Factor.

  8. I love The Amazing Race. It is my way of traveling! I just watched Up All Night with Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. It was pretty good. How I met Your Mother... LOve it! Barney. Love him! Here is what I can't watch: Dancing With The Stars. I just can't do it. I am sorry. Every season, I give it a shot. BUt, I just can't stomach it.

  9. Oh how I am excited about this week! My mom and I have big plans for the NCIS premier tomorrow. I haven't seen How... in a while because I have BSF on those nights but I should tape it. I LOVE Mike & Molly...starts next week. We also love Criminal Mind, Grey's, PP, & Desperate Housewives (I do agree it has gone downhill but I keep getting sucked in). I just saw the preview for Whitney and it looks cute...might try it. I so miss Friends!

  10. My sister just told me about 2 Broke Girls. From the creator of Sex and the City? So I have to give that a whirl. I can't wait for Modern Family and Glee too! And I agree, last season Glee wasn't my favorite, so I am hoping this season they step it up. We watched the Glee Project over the summer so I am excited to see the people who won spots on the show this season.
    We do it same as you guys, dvr everything and watch it as we can and on Friday nights when there isn't anything else on.

    Fun post. Enjoy your fall shows!
    Oh and have you heard about the new bachelor? He makes wine. ;)

  11. you are no tv junkie, I watch way more then you...LOL!

    I still watch Desperate Housewives too..this is the last season, so we need to stick it out.

  12. My two favorites are The Big Bang Theory and Bones.....I can't miss either of those but I watch way more than you do.....eep!

  13. We don't actually have TV... but if we did, I would totally be watching HIMYM with you. :)

  14. We haven't had cable in almost three years, but we don't miss any episodes of The Big Bang Theory thanks to Hulu or CBS.com. I also like The Biggest Loser, but now that Jillian's GONE, it's not the same...

  15. i was surprised parenthood was NOT on your list! yes, its the best show on, in my opinion. i cry like every other episode. and the office? yeah, i'm prepared for disappointment. i'm also interested in the new show with zoey deschanel!

  16. Parenthood is a GREAT show! I love it!!!!

  17. Oh my goodness, sadly I definitely have you beat! We have so much TV scheduled to record it is ridiculous!
    You should definitely watch Parenthood, it is one of my absolute favorites.

  18. We too love Rules of Engagement and Modern Family!

  19. I highly recommend Parenthood. It's very good. I'm a long time Gray's Anatomy watcher too!

  20. Parenthood is a must see!
    Biggest Loser, Modern Family the best!!

  21. My husband and I are watching Friday Night Lights--we started with season one. We have a tendency to wait until something is over and then forge through it.I like Parenthood: )

    Different note. . .I was looking for a way to contact you. As a teacher I was just wondering if I could ask you a question abt something. Thanks!

  22. wow. i am super out of touch with tv shows;)

    can't wait to see you at blog sugar!

  23. What? You don't watch Parenthood? I LOVE this show! Tonight--10pm--be there!

  24. Seriously, TV is how hubby & I bond. A yummy something to eat is always a necessity. We discuss the fall lineup and what we will watch when! Funny when you think about it!

    Parenthood? YES. Yes. Yes. Love. Modern Family? Love. Still watch Desperate H. because it still makes me laugh. Like Biggest Loser, not sure about new trainers but we will see.

    New shows I am checking out - Revenge on ABC and the Sarah Michelle Gellar one on CW.

  25. Glee, Glee, and more Glee! :) Also fell in love with Pioneer Woman's show!

  26. I have a crazy next month (new baby + move across the country!) but I am hoping to keep up with my shows. Priorities people :)

  27. I'm big on the Bachelor, Survivor, and Grey's Anatomy. I also watch House Hunters and dream of moving to another location. We also love, love, love Mad Men and want to catch up on Modern Family. Wow, I guess we watch a lot of TV!

  28. this was a post after my own heart!!!

    parenthood all the way baby!! and castle on monday nights. :)

  29. I love Fall premieres!! Most excited about Glee and Modern Family since Survivor and RZ Project have already come back.

  30. I cannot wait for Modern Family. Oh, and I'm a Greys Anatomy fan too. I watch some of the others, but like you I DVR them or watch them on demand later in the week, especially Friday nights. My guilty pleasure is the Vampire Diaries - 2 words...Damon Salvatore :)

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  32. you MUST watch Parenthood! it's so good. my FAVORITE show on t.v. FAVORITE.

    i'm a t.v. junkie too.

    i'm thinking i'm not going to like The Office without michael scott either.

    in addition to many of your shows we a also watch Survivor.

    i'm also interested in the show with zoey whatisherlastname. she is cute, and i'm hoping her new show will be too.

  33. Parenthood is THE BEST. You have to watch it, Mel. And darn! I meant to watch "New Girl" and forgot to record it. How was it? And what did you think of "The Office" tonight? I'm not convinced. Sooo strange without Michael Scott.

    As far as late night TV... I love Jimmy Fallon. LOVE.



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