It's Fall. But it's not.

According to my calendar, today is the first day of Fall!
But, according to the weather man, Fall it was not.
Check out our temperatures this past week:
This week was the hottest week we have had all summer.
So Crazy. I am OVER it. Once school starts, I am in Fall mode & these summer temperatures have been messing with me! Ha!
The good thing about the warm weather we have had most of September has meant that our garden is still flourishing. I am still getting tons of tomatoes!
We decided this week to finally cut our 1 watermelon off the vine & eat it!
It was HUGE! And, so heavy. I wasn't sure what to expect when I cut it open.
But, lo and behold, we actually grew a legit watermelon!
The girls were so excited to taste it (and so was I!) It was delicious!
They were a little leary of the seeds. They had never seen seeds in watermelon before.
This made me realize that all the watermelon at the stores are seedless now. When I was a kid they didn't have seedless. I had to teach them how to spit out the watermelon seeds.
Another perk about the 95 + degree heat we have been having this week is that we have gotten to swim almost everyday. Tonight we swam until bedtime because it hasn't been cooling down at night. It was still 90 degrees at 6:30. Yuck!
I enjoyed a glass of wine while watching everyone else swim. A great way to spend a Friday night!
As nice as it is to sit outside at night with a glass of wine by the pool, I am over this heat!
I am longing for cooler weather, the brisk Fall air, colorful leaves & pumpkins on my front porch.
I am ready to bust out my boots, scarves & sweaters and decorate my house with my Fall decor. I just can't do that when it is 90 degrees out. It just feels wrong.

Come quickly "real" Fall. You are my favorite time of year!

Hope you have a great first weekend of Fall.
I am heading to So Cal for a girls weekend at Julie's house for Blog Sugar. (She is one of the speakers) I can't wait!


  1. 90 degree weather YUCK! But you do live in CA. it is starting to feel like fall here and I am so ready for pumpkin picking, apple cider and trick or treat! Your watermelon looks AMAZING! Nice job. O- and yor pool looks like too much fun as well. Hope you get some fall temps soon or if not , I hope you have lots of wine to enjoy poolside, because that sounds divine too!

  2. I hear you! OVER IT. It is going to be 106 here today. Shoot me! :)

    Have fun this weekend!

  3. it is still hot here too. I don't mind it.

  4. At least your not Erin or Mary!They are both about to pop. They're REALLY over the heat...and REALLY over the pregnancy thing at this point :)

  5. I'm with you - I'm sick of this hot weather! I made a quick trip to rainy Seattle last week and enjoyed wearing boots all weekend, but now I'm back wearing warm weather clothes. Oh, and thanks for the cute hat from your giveaway I got in the mail (a long time ago!), forgot to tell you it arrived and I love it!

  6. haha love this post title ... that is one perk of living in IL you get the fall temps with the fall views :) happy fall to you!

  7. I'm right there with ya! We're in the central valley and its been miserable this week!! Its very hard to think fall or decorating for it when its this hot! :(
    Maybe its because the summer started so weird? I remember June was much cooler than normal..at any rate I'm OVER it too! Have a great time at Blog Sugar can't wait to see & hear all about it!

  8. We're having a great time here in Newport Beach today. Cant wait for tomorrow!:)

  9. we've had those same temperatures this past week, but we're all rejoicing from the break from the heat! ha. i suppose thats what we get down here in texas.

  10. I so feel you on it not feeling like fall at ALL! I live in Florida and most years it is hot enough to wear shorts on Christmas DAY! It is such a bummer. :( Especially when I'm looking at blogs where they are building snowmen, etc.. Hoping to take my girls to see snow for their first time this year. :)

  11. Nice to see you again at Blog Sugar 3!

  12. Hi...love your blog. I'm a south of you in Pomona, just 20 miles or so from Los Angeles. I've been wanting to start a garden for a while. (My son would go wild, if we grew our own watermelon) How did you start...any other pointers. Thanks

  13. I'm jealous! Watermelon& swimming...I miss that! We are sweatshirts all the way here in Iowa. :) Nice to meet you through twitter!
    - Robyn from http://tipsfromtheheart.blogspot.com



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