It's Raining, It's Pouring

It's supposed to rain everyday on and off for the next week.
But you know what?
I kind of like the rain {every once in a while}
When it rains, you have an excuse to get all snuggly, drink hot coco & watch movies all day.
Oh wait, that was BEFORE I had kids.
Now, rain means I can't leave my house.
If I run errands my kids will get soaked.
Rain means that your kids are cooped up in the house with lots of energy & no where to get rid of it....they get stir crazy if it rains too many days in a row!
We are wimps here in California, especially when it comes to rain.
Since Kate only naps like once a week now, we have been able to have some 1 on 1 time in the afternoons while Claire is napping. I still make Kate have "room time" for about an hour, but it was raining this afternoon and she REALLY wanted to go outside and jump in puddles.
Pink Polka Dot Raincoat & Boots? I die of cuteness!
It was raining lightly, and there weren't that many good puddles to be found, but that didn't stop Kate.
She managed to splash in the *tiniest* puddle you ever did see.
Oh, to be a little kid again when the highlight of your day is splashing in puddles.
I had one happy little girl after her 15 minutes of fun.
She told me she loved the rain & wanted to play in it for 4 hours (because she is 4)

After our puddle jumping adventures we warmed up inside with some hot coco & good conversation.
Even though I am sad that her napping days are over, (when I am supposed to get stuff done?!?) afternoons like this sure do make up for it.
It's amazing what a little 1 on 1 time does for her soul (and mine).
She's a neat little girl. I am so blessed.


  1. I LOVE the tint on those pictures. And oh my goodness, Kate is just the cutest in her pink polka dots. :)

  2. Ok. . . 1. CUTEST RAINCOAT /RAINBOOT COMBINATION EVER! 2. We had to have "quiet time" when we were little too! I didn't mind it growing up and now looking back I think it is a good thing that each of us could read or entertain ourselves! 3. One on one time with parents is the BEST! :-)

  3. we did the same thing today. normally sick of the rain by now but loving this weather for some reason. maybe it's the longer days?


  4. Ahh those pictures are delightful!

    And since it rains a fair share these days, my photos usually consist of our boy POURING his rainboots out. On the kitchen floor.

    Yeaaaah. Good times I tell ya.

    Love your photos!

  5. Aww that is so sweet.
    I like how you edited the pictures.
    I die of cuteness too, those boots and coat are adorable.
    And just so ya know, if you buy a pair of Hunters for yourself, jumping in puddles would be just as fun. I speak from experience. ;)

  6. aww, what a *doll*. i'm sure it's bittersweet that naptime has come to an end, but my goodness, that one on one time has got to be so precious for you, and for her! (LOVE the pink polkadot rain coat and boots. too darling!)

  7. Oh my goodness what an absolute DOLL she is! Polka Dots are an obsession over here at our house. And Im so sad-just sold our outgrown Gymbo raincoat and boots from last year yesterday at preschool:( Funny how we get so attached to clothing. Now we're on the hunt for a new set:)
    Have a great day!

  8. I love Kate's raincoat and boots. I'm glad I'm not the only rain wimp.

  9. Oh my sweetness. Those photos are perfection...SHE IS ADORABLE.
    Congrats on having a wonderful day with her.

    ps. The only upside of them not napping...they go to bed earlier.

  10. I LOVE that rain outfit Kate has, I want one too, then I might just like the rain! So cute. And I love the tint you did to the pictures...really cute!

  11. so cute!!! we do our share of puddle jumping too!! 4 year olds are so much fun..even in the rain!!!

  12. How did you get your pictures all pinky like that?

    I love one-on-one time! Seriously, so good for both of our souls. Great post!

  13. I'm taking it your little girl likes polka dots? ;o) I see them on her mug and raincoat. OR is it the Mama that loves polka dots?

    Growing up in OK I witnessed several big thunderstorms... I LOVE a good thunderstorm! Especially when the lights go out and we have to find things to do with flashlights. So fun!

  14. we are soooo wimps in california....but if I had kates polka dot pink outfit I wouldnt care if it rained every day!!!


  15. i am dying of cuteness too! EEEEEP that raincoat and those boots!

    sweet, precious time. y'all certainly spent it well today! xo



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