It's Time.

You know it's time to start potty training when you find your 2 year old like this during naptime:
She had taken her pj's AND diaper off and was screaming that she had to go potty.
So, guess how we are spending our 3 day President's Day weekend?
Before {diapers}:
After {big girl underwear that she picked out at Target yesterday} :
We'll be watching a lot of this today:
The time has come. We are potty training Claire.
She has shown signs of being ready for the past few months.
*I* just haven't been ready to deal with potty training.
We are using the same method we used when we potty trained Kate, which is the 3 day potty training method.
That means we go cold turkey.
Throw away the diapers & start using underwear.
We have the potty treats all ready to go.
Mini m&m's for pee-pee.
And, gummy bears (which are really gummy vitamins) for when she goes #2.
Claire is so excited about being a Big Girl.
For the last few months, EVERYDAY in the afternoon she takes off her diaper & goes into Kate's room to put on Kate's underwear.
Let me tell you....there is nothing I would rather be doing on this cold, rainy, 3 day weekend.
Try not to be jealous of our awesome weekend cleaning up pee all over the floor.
Good times, good times.
Wish us luck!


  1. Omg, I remember potty training
    Lola...it was the worst few days of my life! Think I would rather give birth than potty train. We went cold turkey too, once the diaper came off, there was no putting it back on, even at night! It was worth the tears (by me, not her) to do it that way!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  2. Go Claire! Actually, I'm a little jealous! Wanna take Anna for the rest of the weekend? We've been working on this for months, but it's hit and miss and when I say hit, I mean poop has been on the floor and I've narrowly missed puddles of pee! I'm going to go for the gusto Spring Break...celebrating my birthday the whole weekend sounds just a bit better ;) Yay for being diaper free or free from diapers!

  3. We just did it during all of our snow days . The first day was terrible and then it just clicked with him. Now we are diaper free and I am loving it!!! Good luck to you and that sweet girl!

  4. SO glad to have someone going through this before me. Wait-- this probably means I'm going to have to do this with Mason soon, since Claire's just a few months older. Yikes.

  5. good luck!!! it looks like she is ready!!!! being free of diapers is so great...although i remember i had a little boy who wanted to visit EVERY bathroom where ever we went!!! hope the weekend goes well!!!

  6. We're doing the same thing this weekend with Jordis. So far one Poop and pee in the pants. But otherwise, best time of my life.

  7. I found a link on Or She Says blog to purchase a DVD called Potty Power on Amazon. It worked over night for us. It was such a miracle I have to pass it along to everyone I know who is potty training. I wish there was a way to avoid public restrooms with little ones. Good Luck!

  8. i have to do this soon so i'm soooo glad you posted that method. having only done this with henry, and knowing that potty training a boy is a whole different ball game, i need all the help i can get. ;)

  9. My 3 year old Abby was like the poster child for potty training. It was like something clicked in her head and she was DONE with diapers.. The first day of her wearing panties, we were out for 5 hours and she didn't have one accident! She is now a pro at going on the potty. AND she has never once peed the bed!

    Our girls are one day short of a year apart and now that Lauren is nearing time to be potty trained, she is giving me the impression that she won't be quite as easy.. :) Let us know how Claire does! I might have to use your tips and tricks. ;)

  10. Oh man... "accidents happen...and that's okay..." good luck!!! Not fun.

  11. good luck! i look forward to your "we did it!" post! :)

  12. Sweet girl, I remember those days! Potty training more for me I remember! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement this week...and good luck!

  13. Good Luck! I remember those days all to well. Enjoy your long weekend and hope it goes well!

  14. Uh Oh! hahahah Yes it looks like she is ready. I'm going to potty train my youngest this summer. Good luck - hope it all goes well.

  15. So funny! I thought mine was showing signs of being ready and we tried this weekend, too, but she isn't showing any of the signs that Claire is. Turns out she is too young. :) Glad you posted the link to the 3 day method - I will try that next time.

  16. Congrats and good luck! I remember feeling like there was nothing better than when Sophie (my 3-year-old) decided it's time for the diapers to come off (for undies).

  17. I have boys.
    Cleaning up pee off of the floors..walls...shower curtain...all part of my awesome everyday job.

    good luck!

  18. Good luck!! We just finished PT Carrah a couple of weeks ago. We did EXACTLY the same thing as you(M's and Elmo as well). It works wonders, it did with Cami as well :)
    She's such a cutie.

  19. Our oldest took one day. Our youngest is still a work in progress, one YEAR later. Some days I feel like I'm one poopy Minnie Mouse panty away from being institutionalized.



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