Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

Our 3rd annual Tacky Christmas sweater party was on Friday night.

Here are some highlights of our cheesy-ness from the past few years:

Close up of my awesome nativity scene sweater!
Me & my sisters!
(Notice Elyse's lovely 12 days of Christmas sweater!)
Even the guys represented!


  1. I like Kev's digression of class... from holding a glass of wine, to a bottle of SN, to a can of coors light...

  2. Too flippin funny!
    Notice your husband has the exact same expression on his face every year. LOL

  3. that was great! Where do you all find those things? And do you keep them year after year for the party?

  4. This is HILARIOUS!! I've heard of these themed parties. sounds like so much fun :)

    Love the assortment of alcohol in each picture over the years. lol!

  5. I hosted an Ugly Sweater Party last year for my staff and it was super funny. What a great tradition!

  6. We are headed to a tacky sweater party tonight!

  7. Mel!!
    I am dying!
    That is the funniest/cutest thing I have ever seen.
    Love it!
    I would love to have a party like this every year :)

  8. hilarious!
    my mom definitely owned all of those in the 90's.

  9. i saw an entire rack of christmas sweaters at the thrift store this week and thought of the parties i hear about. :)
    i don't think we could do this because too many of my friends may be offended.....because they still love their christmas sweaters. oh my.
    what an awkward invite to receive..."what? i love that sweater! tacky? what?" ha ha ha ha
    i would love to go to one though.

  10. OMG! love, Love, LOVE the new blog design! Soooo jealous (of the design, not the tacky sweaters ;) )!!!

  11. can't handle the sweater vests. can't.
    at least the gorgeousness of the new blog negates the hideousness of the sweaters.
    brilliant party idea though.
    trying to think how we could pull it off...

  12. Oh my goodness... that is absolutely hilarious and I think the grins just make it. So tacky. So perfect! What a good time. Love how you incorporated the "true meaning of the seaon" into your sweater. genius.

  13. Love the sweaters! ha.

    Also wanted to say your blog looks so cute!!! Where do you get the awesome layouts?

  14. Your new layout ROCKS! Seriously. I love the header. (and everything else, but SO cute).

  15. Cannot wait to see photos from this year's party!

  16. that is hilarious! I so need to host this party next year. Priceless. One question--where do you get these sweaters?!?!

    Also, i'm loving the new header! Especially that sweet picture of Claire in her dress! Adorable!

  17. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOOOOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You look like a couple I could party with!

  18. I absolutely LOVE THIS!! And even more, I love your huge fake smiles when wearing the sweaters. This made my day!



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