Santa Claus is coming to town!

Well, Saturday was the Big Day.

We went to visit Santa.

For the past month we have been talking about Christmas, Jesus' Birthday & Santa.

We have been asking Kate what she wants for Christmas.

Her response every single time?
A new bath towel.

That is the only thing she wants. Love her.

Doesn't want toys, dolls or books.

Just a bath towel. (Oh, the simple joys of an almost 3 year old. So sweet)

I love the Santa in our town because it is FREE and you get to bring your own camera & take your own pictures!
And, while you wait, there are carolers and Jingles the Elf is there to make balloon candy candys or balloon reindeer (for free!) for all the kids while you wait in line.
Kate requested a balloon candy cane, just like last year!
Before you read any further, you must click HERE to see last year's Santa visit.
And, click HERE to see Kate & the Easter Bunny.

We have been talking about going to see Santa for a few weeks.
Some days Kate would tell us that she was going to ask Santa for a towel.
Other days, she would tell us that JUST Claire was going to see Santa & that Claire could ask Santa for a towel.

I know I am not the only one, but I think crying kids with Santa/Easter Bunny are some of the funniest pictures to see! Call me evil or cruel, but they are hysterical!

I was FULLY expecting (and hoping!!) for a repeat performance from Kate.
I knew Claire would do great because she loves all people, will let strangers hold her & is just all around easy-going.

Imagine my surprise at what occurred.
I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Poor Claire & Poor Santa. He could barely keep her on his lap & she managed to slide off!

Then Kate had Santa all to herself. And, she even told Santa she wanted a towel!
She didn't cry or freak out! She even SMILED!!
She actually enjoyed herself!
I am glad she isn't scarred from years past!
Kate especially loved that Santa gave her a candy cane to eat!
Don't worry, this is Claire 2 minutes after getting off Santa's lap.
She was her happy, easy going self again.
My favorite quote from the day was when we got back to the car & Kate said,
"Where is my new towel?"
Bless her heart. She thought Santa was giving her a towel that day!
Hopefully she will be excited on Christmas when she sees THIS in her stocking!
I still can't believe that Claire freaked out & Kate didn't!
Can't wait to see what happens with the Easter Bunny this Spring!


  1. So funny! I'm SO glad I'm not the only mom who actually wanted the "crying baby" Santa picture. :) Mason didn't flinch. What 10 month old lets a huge guy in a big red costume with a lots of white facial hair hold him???

    P.S. Gorgeous new blog design!

  2. Is this the one in the livery by Elegant Clutter?

    I may try for a repeat from my kiddos when we get there next week...our picture is a combo of horriffic and hilarious! Might be worth another try :)

  3. Oh my gosh! this is too hilarious!! I know she will adore her new towel, so cute!

  4. So cute!!! And I, too, love looking at pictures of crying kids on Santa's lap! Its like a right of passage or something! I haven't tried with my kids yet this year!

  5. Yeah, Kate! Oh, and I forgot to say on my last comment that your header pic of Kate is adorable. It is the Kate we know and love with that big smile!

  6. Wow!! GOOO Kate, I never would have thought!! Poor Claire, hehe. I went back to last year's Santa visit and it is amazing how much both girls have grown in a year; how much less-babyish Kate looks. Sad. How can our babies be almost 3 already?? Also, I LOVE that towel!! I bet it is soooooo soft too!! Great present!

  7. Those pictures are too funny! I need to check out your free Santa!

  8. I think its funny to see kids crying, too. Guess you did a good job preparing Kate!

    You did such a great job on your header...I really, really like it!

  9. So far I've taken my nearly two year old to see Santa with her old brother three times. Each time she cried and we left without a picture of both kids with Santa. I'd be fine with a crying picture - I just want her in the picture, darn it! Attempt #4 coming this weekend. Fingers crossed.



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