Friday Favorites {It's the Holiday Season Edition}

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Friday Favorites!
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 I am so excited it is Friday....we have tons of fun planned for this weekend!
Tonight, Saturday & Sunday we have a total of 5 holiday parties we are going to.
It makes this extrovert very happy :)

 Here are some of my favorites lately:

Finally got a red cup at Starbucks!
My first holiday drink of the season. Peppermint Mocha with only 2 pumps of each. They normally do 4....way too many!

The nail polish I am wearing in the above picture is one of my favorites.
It doesn't chip!!!!! In the photo above, my nails are on day 6 of the nail polish. I love how it hold up!

This base coat & top coat are my new favorite!!!
You can get the base & top coat {HERE} and the color {HERE}
I have been searching high and low for a top coat that helps with chipping. 
I found out about these last year.
I use steps 1, 2 & 3 and my nails don't chip for 5-6 days!
They come in tons of different colors. 

As you know, college football is one of my favorites.
Colorado was playing in the Pac 12 Championship at the beginning of December & the game was here in the Bay Area at the 49ers Levi's Stadium, so of course Kevin and I went!
 There was a Colorado tailgate before the game & I got to see a couple girls I played college soccer with before the game.
This was our first time at the new Levi's stadium, so it was fun to check it out.
 So excited that Colorado was playing in this game!
Our seats were awesome! We were right in front of the pre-game show!
 Oh hey....that's Matt Leinhart right behind me doing his pregame show!
 I was just a little excited to have such great seats :)
 The 1st half of the game was fun....then Colorado got blown out in the 2nd half by Washington.
 There's the Pac 12 Championship trophy...right in front of our seats....that would end up going to UW. Sigh.
 Even though Colorado lost, it was such a fun experience being at the championship game. If we would have won that game, Colorado would have gone to the Rose Bowl. There was even a chance that if we lost we still would have gone to the Rose Bowl since UW was going to the College football playoff. I had even made hotel reservations :( But, USC ended up getting picked to go to the Rose Bowl instead of Colorado. I'm so sad....maybe next year.

I have talked about the Instant Pot before & it really is my new favorite kitchen appliance.
 It is way better than a crock pot because it can slow cook food, but it is also a pressure cooker. I can cook some of my slow cooker meals in the Instant Pot in under an hour! You need one in your life.
They were on sale on Cyber Monday & in case you missed it, they are on sale AGAIN!!!!!!
You can get one for under $100 and it will arrive by Christmas! 
The Instant Pot is amazing!!! 
You can get one on sale HERE.

One of my favorite things to make with my kids in December on the weekends is Christmas tree pancakes:
I just add some green food coloring in my pancake batter & make different size pancakes, then stack them like a tree. I dust powered sugar on top for "snow" and some whippped cream as the star and sprinkles as ornaments.
My kids love these!

Rodan + Fields Eye Cream is my Favorite!
I know that some of you missed out on my last bulk order, so I am going to place ANOTHER bulk order next week!
I started using the eye cream right after Luke was born and WOW, it got rid of the bags under my eyes that I had from lack of sleep with a newborn. 

Our  Multi-Function Eye Cream combines powerful peptides to minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, helps reduce the appearance of both puffiness and dark under eye circles while special optical diffusers noticeably brighten the eye area.
Ophthalmologist tested, this formula is ideal for maintaining the delicate skin around the eyes.  

This brave consultant only used the eye cream on one eye for 3 weeks!
It's less puffy & she doesn't have bags under that eye!

I will be placing a BULK order of our amazing eye cream next Friday.
For my bulk order, you can get it with my discount and it will only cost you $60 and I will cover your tax & shipping!
One jar lasts me at least 4-5 months.
Let me know if you want to order one! Leave a comment with your email or email me: melissa_larson17@yahoo.com
The Jessica Simpson Christmas album is my favorite Christmas CD.
It's so good & the "Baby it's cold outside" duet with Nick Lachey is the best version of that song.
I feel better after admitting this. LOL!

Christmas Cards are my favorite.

The kids help me stuff & stamp. I address them. I love going to the mailbox each day in December and getting Christmas cards :)

Making Blessing Bags is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
We went to San Francisco earlier this week and whenever we go to SF during the holidays, we always bring some blessing bags to give to the homeless.
You can see what we put in them on THIS post.

Speaking of San Francisco,  Fuller House is one of my favorites!
Being born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I especially love this show because it is based in SF. Last year on Mother's Day, we played "tourist" in SF and checked out the Full House house.
(The house has been repainted since the show last aired 20 years ago in 1995, it is much darker now!)
 Full House was my FAVORITE show growing up. One of the reasons it was my favorite show is because it was based in San Francisco and because it was a family of 3 girls, just like me & my sisters. 
My girls and I LOVED the first season of Fuller House & Kate was so excited that season 2 came out last Friday. 
 We have watched a few of the episodes & I like them so far, but they aren't as family friendly as I would like, so if you have younger kids, you might want to watch them first before you let them watch. 

So, there you have it....some favorites on this rainy Friday!
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Love the nails! And John Stamos should probably just get his very own Friday Favorites post! :)

  2. I just got an instant pot for Christmas and would love for you to share your favorite recipes you use for it. I love that deep red polish for the holidays. I haven't tried that base and top coat but it sounds amazing. Merry Christmas!

  3. Love love love the idea of the blessing bags and I've had my eye on that instant pot as well! I feel you on the college football too. I miss it already but I'm an OSU fan (Ohio born and bread) so our season isn't quite over yet!

  4. Another Bay Area girl here -And I want to get an eye cream! My email is amaleah@aol.com

  5. I am interested in an eye cream- kakelly1219@gmail.com ☺️

  6. Hi! I am interested and finally ready to pull the trigger on the eye cream!! My email is Rachel.mcclintock11@gmail.com




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