10 on 10 :: April 2016

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

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On Sunday, the 10th, it was our last day of Spring Break.
We went to church on Saturday Night & had 1 final lazy Spring Break morning on Sunday.
I made cinnamon rolls...a couple years ago on Pinterest I saw someone cook cinnamon rolls with their waffle maker instead of the morning, so I decided to finally try it out.
You spray the waffle maker with cooking spray & then cook in the waffle maker for 3-4 minutes.
 It was fun to try it out. They cooked must faster than in the oven, but they didn't rise as much.

 It was a rainy Sunday, so the girls played some Wii.

I did some reading & enjoyed my 2nd cup of coffee. I started reading Pretty Baby on Thursday...finished it on Sunday afternoon. It was fantastic!
I read her other book The Good Girl a few weeks ago...loved it also!

The Giants were playing the Dodgers this weekend, one of our neighbors went to the game Saturday & they were handing out these flags...he got one for us. We hung it up on the mantle for Sunday's game :)

For lunch I had scrambled eggs with some cheddar cheese and fresh salsa. YUM.

 Kevin was doing some yard work & taking down a fence, so I went to check it out and noticed how pretty the blossoms were on my tree...Spring has sprung in our yard...lots of blooms everywhere!

 There was a slight break in the rain, so I went on a quick 3 mile run!

Later in the afternoon I was packaging up some mini facial samples that have our microderm paste, night serum & lip serum. Love our mini facial sample!
I have a few extra, so let me know if you want one & I can mail it to you!
Leave a comment  or send me an email!
***Update....I am out of samples, I will have some more next month!***

Then, I got ready and headed to the Carrie Underwood concert with my older sister!
One of her clients has a suite and they gave her 2 tickets, so she asked if I wanted to go. Ummmm, YES!
 The concert was AWESOME! I love Carrie Underwood! Such a fun show. The last concert I went to was U2...way back in 2011, so it was fun going to a concert! I love concerts!

I didn't get home until midnight...it was a late night for the last night of Spring Break, but totally worth it! YOLO!

There you have it, a snapshot of my 10th....it was a good, productive & fun day....perfect ending to Spring Break.

Hope you had a great 10th!


  1. What a fun 10! Love these posts friend! Have the BEST day!

  2. I would love to try the night serum!

  3. I would love to try one of those packets from R&F!

  4. Hi Melissa, how much are the samples? Thanks!

    1. Samples are FREE!
      Email me your address!

  5. I'm DYING to see Carrie in concert! She just extended her tour through the fall and she's not coming anywhere close enough for us to go. :o(

  6. Hi Melissa, I would love to try those samples!

  7. Thanks for sharing your 10 on 10. Love your blooming back yard. I'd like to try your samples if you have any left. My email is deborahmkm@comcast.net.

  8. so jealous of the concert!!! She will be in Houston next week and I so wish I was going.

  9. Looks like such a great day! And who doesn't love Carrie Underwood? <3

  10. Those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING!! Hope you have a great weekend <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com



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