Our 2014 Summer List

 Happy Summer!
We are officially on Summer Break. School ended last Friday & we had a busy weekend.
It always takes me a few days to unwind from the school year, but now I am in full Summer relaxation mode and have been soaking up the last few days hanging out with my kids.
On the first day of Summer Break, I always have some summer "presents" for my kids on the breakfast table.
These are little gifts that I give them to celebrate that it is summer. 
And, it is based on working mom guilt. Ha!
I get them a new bucket, sand toys, glow sticks, markers & coloring stuff.
One of my favorite things to do at the start of each Summer is make a Summer List with the girls.
They love making it also!
 They are in charge of the Summer List. I don't give them any suggestions, it is all their ideas.
 (Of course Kate had to put the sharpies in rainbow order!)

They love coming up with ideas & decorating the poster.
 Here it is:
 I like making a Summer List because it helps with ideas for what they want to do in the summer.
Our summer is pretty un-scheduled for the most part, so doing a Summer List helps me (and them) be intentional about what we do during the summer.
We won't get through all the things on our Summer List, but it is fun to try!
Some of the things I am looking forward to that are on the list:
- Glow Stick Swimming at Night
-Beach Day
-Girls Day Out (this was Kate's idea, she wants to have a girls day with me & Claire and have me give them manis/pedis)
- Movie on the Lawn
- Reading Competition

Here is my summer list of things *I* want to get done this Summer:
1. Finish Claire's 1st year Baby Book.
(I made an awesome book for Kate's 1st year and haven't finished Claire's yet...she will be SIX in September and she keeps asking where her book is. YIKES.)

2. Start Luke's 1st year Baby Book
(Don't want the 3rd kid to be without one for almost 6 years like Claire. I REALLY need to buckle down and get these done!)

3. Finish my 40 bags in 40 days project
(Almost done, just need to finish)

4. Read a book a week.
(Summer is when I do most of my reading and this year Kate wants to have a reading competition with me to see who can read the most books.)

5. Get Luke to say good-bye to his pacifer.
I blogged about it here, and we decided to wait until Summer. 
Well, Summer is here, it's time to get rid of it!
I loved all your advice, I am going to cut a hole in it.

Do you have a summer list? 
What are looking forward to doing this summer?


  1. How fun! I love that you give them some summer gifts! What a cool way to start the summer with a bucket list! I make one each year too and hope to involve my kiddos in making it when they are a little older.

  2. So much fun!!!! :) Love the summer treats for the kids and making a list. Reading competition sounds awesome!!! Good luck checking off lots of boxes.

  3. It looks like you guys are going to have a great summer!!

  4. What books are on your summer reading list?



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