Hello, 20 Weeks + A Winner

Hello, 20 Weeks.
So thankful to be halfway through this pregnancy. It has gone by SO slowly. Probably because I have felt awful the entire time. Mel & pregnancy are not friends.
Hello, August Due Date.
Guaranteed it will be the hottest summer we have had in years.
I plan on floating in our pool all summer.

Hello, Baby Bump.
I am still squeezing myself into my regular clothes. And soon I will be saying hello to Maternity Clothes. Which I need to buy since I gave away ALL my baby stuff & maternity clothes 2 years ago.
Hello, Bun in the Oven
How I told Kevin about Baby #3 way back in December.
Hello, Sweet Baby.
Waving at us at our 12 week appointment.
Hello, Prayers.
For our 20 week ultra sound this afternoon. I always get so nervous before my appointments.
Praying for a healthy baby! Can't wait to see how baby has grown since we last saw it at 12 weeks.
Hello, All Day Sickness.
I have been saying hello to you since 6 weeks. And, you have worn out your welcome.
I would like to say good-bye to you. I am sick of feeling sick 24/7 and puking. Enough is enough. I was like this with the girls until 22 weeks. I keep reminding myself there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hello #15, you are the WINNNER of the PW Cookbook!
Congrats, Emily! Email me so I can mail you the cookbook!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!
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  1. Yuck! I had horrid sickness 24/7 too- my high school students designated a certain trash can as "all mine." (ugh!) You sure do have a pretty great light at the end of the tunnel...let's just hope that tunnel gets feeling a lot better soon! Have a super day! :)

  2. I was wondering how you were feeling! I remember you mentioning how sick you were with the girls! I am so sorry :( And I know this pregnancy is going slow for you, but since you waited to tell your blog readers, its flying by for us! You look wonderful and I love your little baby bump :) I had your size belly when I was only in my first trimester with all my kids!

  3. You look great!! Are ya'll finding out the sex of the baby?

  4. congrats!! are you feeling better now?

  5. sorry you are feeling so crummy mel!! that part is so hard to deal with.

    hope your next 20 weeks flies by for you.

    got ready of ALL your baby stuff huh? does that mean this was a big surprise? how exciting for you all.

    take care, rest up!

  6. I'm so sorry you have been feeling sick for so long and hopefully you'll be back to normal soon. I love the little sign with the due date and your little bump...how cute are you! Those ultrasound pictures are so fun...what a little miracle :)

  7. Being sick for that long can't be any fun. I hope it gets better soon!!! You look great though

  8. You look amazing wit your little bump! And already half way! I had an August baby in Texas and I swear it is what helped me not gain too much weight. I was so hot I didn't have much of an appetite. Good luck at your appointment!

  9. I also always got so nervous before our appointments! I'm sure everything will be just perfect!

  10. praying for a perfect & joyful appointment for you today! and that the sickness goes away quick! so not fun. but on a brighter note, I love the color combo of your shirt & cardi in the pics ;)

  11. Girl I feel your pain. You're halfway there!!! I have 4.5 more weeks. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this????

  12. oh Mel!! My daughter is due with her second baby August 26. They find out next week if it is a "brudda" or a "sista". They have a sweet little boy, Grayson,(Grandma's "Honey Boy") who will be 3 in October. This pregnancy for her has been yucky compared to the first time. I have reminded her that this time she has a little boy to take care besides caring for herself, her husband and their home. I hope you (and her) feel better real fast and can enjoy the last half of your pregnancies. God bless you during this time of wonder, blessings and growth. ;)

  13. I had an August baby last year, and I was in my office right next to the air conditioner all day and at the pool most nights so I hardly noticed the heat at all. Good luck this summer :)

  14. I love that you didn't find out! I wish I could be more like you. :)

  15. Love you and am so excited you are entering the madness and beauty of three kids!



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