Insta Catch Up!

It has been a busy few weeks around here.
Lots of birthdays & other parties!
Here is a catch up, Instagram style!

The fun cupcake liners I used for Kate's Rainbow Art Party:
On her birthday weekend, Kate requested going to Denny's for breakfast.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Hot Chocolate. Lucky Girl.
Then, as a surprise to all of us, the waiters brought out Kate ice cream & sung her Happy Birthday. She LOVED it!
Another first for the girls is they got their nails painted at Leila's Fashion Birthday Party.
Yes, is true...I have never painted their nails before. Now they are obsessed. Thanks a lot, Heather :)
On Kate's actual birthday, I got to volunteer in her class & bring a birthday snack. She chose ice cream cups, of course!
Family Pizza Party & more cupcakes on her Birthday Night!
One of our neighbors has an Annual Chinese New Year Party, which is so fun.
We always wear Red to the Party!
The food at the party is always SO yummy! I love Chinese Food!
Last week was a big week....I enrolled Kate in Kindergarten for the Fall!!! Where has the time gone?!?!? We dropped off the packet at the school & she thought she got to start right then. I told her not until August. She can't wait! Also on the same day, I registered her for soccer, also starting this August! And, Claire is registered for Pre-School! August is going to be a fun & exciting month!
Kevin went to the Sharks game with friends last week, so this was my dinner.
A little pre-bedtime coloring:
For Christmas, my mother in law gave me an AWESOME gift.
She is paying her house cleaner to clean my house TWO times.
The first time was on Friday.
Oh my word. My house was SPARKLING clean.
The floors are so clean & sparkling that the girls keep slipping & falling.
It is hysterical. Our new line is,
"No running in the house. You are going to slip. We have clean floors!"

On Saturday, I realized the cleaning lady also cleaned my windows (& all our plantation shutters!!!)
Seriously.....I am in love. I need to figure out how to fit this into our budget & have a cleaning lady come once a month. It was such a treat. And, it made the weekend SO relaxing. We usually spend several hours each weekend cleaning our house....not this weekend!
Kevin & the girls cleaned up in the backyard.....almost 70 degrees in February! This has been the warmest January/February. So strange. I miss the rain!
A birthday card the girls made for Auntie Bots' Birthday (tomorrow)!
Steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar, honey crisp apples, dried cranberries & pecans. Yum!
Sunday morning we had Couples Together Sunday School. It is a new ministry our church started last month that Kevin & I are on the planning committee for. It is all about building your relationship with your spouse. There have been over 120 people each time, ranging from newlyweds to couples who have been married 30+ years. Excited to see how God uses it in marriages at our church!
Sunday was also Superbowl Sunday. I was tempted to wear my 49ers shirt to our friends Superbowl Party, but I didn't. I am still bitter the 49ers weren't in the Superbowl, but we still had a great time at the party. I didn't want either team to win. Boo.
Speaking of Football....we started the 5th & Final Season of Friday Night Lights this past weekend. I don't want it to end!!!!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Yay for the final season of Friday Night Lights, I can't wait for you to see the finale. It's so bittersweet, but so good!

  2. TJ's Tandoori Naan is sooo dang good! I can eat a whole package at once when it's warmed and spread with butter. Mmm...

    SO jealous of the house cleaner. Best. Gift. Ever.

  3. My twins are starting kinder in August too. I teared up the day we picked up registration packets. I can't believe it's already time!
    LOVE FNL! Such a good show.

  4. Yeah, August is gonna be a big fat blur! Fun & exciting for SURE! I know August very well :)

  5. By May I am SO done with school, but August rolls around and I get excited again! I think August is a big month for anyone in the education field, teachers and students alike :)

    xoxo Meghan

  6. OH my goodness!

    First of all, happy birthday, Kate! I love your name.

    And love your clean house, what a GREAT present!

  7. I love your description of the sparkling house- it is sucha luxury isn't it? Hysterical...just so hard to keep the house spotless when you have toddlers managing everything ;)

  8. Love these fun pictures! Your girls are adorable. :)

  9. Oh my goodness their faces in the nail polish picture! Adorable!!!

  10. You have had a lot of great things going on. What a fun way to celebrate Kate's birthday...I love that picture of her getting the ice cream at Denny's. I'm having Chinese tonight...YUM...and those red shoes are just adorable. I signed my baby up for Kindergarten a few weeks ago...tear. He thought the day after he turned five that he was supposed to go to Kindergarten...lol.

  11. We make homemade pizzas on the Tandoori Naan... yummy!

    We by no means live an extravagant lifestyle, but last year we cut out a few things just so we could budget having our house cleaned twice a month (by a friend who does this part-time). Best decision ever. I am a much happier person! There's nothing like coming home to a clean house. We still have the clutter, but it makes my heart sing not having to scrub.

    Happy Birthday Kate!

  12. August IS going to be an exciting month ;)

    Sorry about the new nail polish obsession. haha!

  13. I'm not sure when we register for kindergarten, but it's soon. Am I crazy for getting teary-eyed thinking about it? I've become that person! The photo of Kate when the waiters are singing to her is precious! I'd like a dinner of hummus, too. The clean floors and slipping made me crack up. What a cool gift from your mil! Great images and fun to catch up!

  14. We just started season 3. Riggins is finally growing on me.

  15. that is the sweetest surprised look on a little girl's face i've ever seen.

  16. These are my favorite kinds of posts. The catch up post. So many fun pics. How awesome about the house cleaner. Love those clean floors. Oh, what a dream that would be to have a house cleaner, even once a month! I hope you can find a way to make it work! August certainly does sound like a fun, busy and exciting month indeed!

  17. Kate is so cute! Love it.
    And love love the house cleaner. We just gave ours up and I am in mourning!

  18. Once you go house cleaner, you NEVER back!

  19. Love catching up via instagram, and I love FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and what you are reading for your marriage !



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