When it comes to fashion, I am a pretty basic.
I am no frills, pretty simple & sometimes boring.
I try to appear pulled together & not look like a frumpy mom.
I buy most of my clothes at Target (expect when I have the occasional Nordstrom gift card)
I remember almost 2 years ago when the whole skinny jeans & boot thing first came out.
I said on several occasions,
"NO WAY am I EVER wearing skinny jeans and NO WAY am I ever wearing boots over skinny jeans!"
Well, this past winter, I fell victim to this fashion trend.
And, I LOVE it.
Please note, Exhibit "A"
{Skinny jeans & Uggs. I rocked this look almost every weekend during the cold months!}

And here we have Exhibit "B"
{Another pair of skinny jeans (which I really think are jeggings based on their material) with boots. You would never know I was someone who hated this look 2 years ago because I literally wear skinny jeans & boots at least 3 times a week. Sometimes more.}

This brings me to my next point...just a few months ago, I was talking to a friend about how I have been "converted" to the skinny jean/boot fan club, but that is as far as it would go.....I would NEVER wear skinny jeans with ballet flats. EVER.
Umm...Look what I wore today:
The past month, the weather has been warmer and I haven't been wearing boots as much.
This wasn't the first time I have sported this combo.
And, I have a feeling this won't be the last time!
I am officially converted.
Any other late converts out there?


  1. I totally do that with trends, too. It just takes me a year or to to figure out how to pull the look off for myself. This winter I really wanted Uggs, but my hubby still hasn't warmed to the trend, so that was a no go. But you can find me rocking the skinny jeans with flats almost every week.

  2. Hahahha...I said "I will NEVER wear dresses or "tunics" over jeans. That looks so stupid!" Well guess who's 'stupid' now?:)
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. This exact same thing happened to me... I said "I'll never wear skinny jeans" and GASP... here I sit today wearing them with ballet flats. I feel your pain!

  4. Okay, why would you not wear skinny jeans with ballet flats? As a fellow tall, slender girl, you are the perfect specimen to pull the look off! it would almost be a crime to NOT wear this combo :) Glad you converted!

  5. LOL yes I too said NEVER will I wear those skinny jeans.

    AND now, they are my favorite jeans i have! I only want to wear my skinnies. Love them with boots. Love them with flats. Love them with Toms. Love it.

    Wonder what trend we'll fall into next? :)

  6. I am dying for a pair of Uggs and skinny jeans. But every pair of skinny jeans I try on, I can't get them up! I guess I just need to try a different store or something.

    And I had to laugh at Sarah's comment because I was the same way with dresses over jeans. Now I think it is the cutest thing!

  7. Yes, this was exactly me too!! I love it now!

  8. Definitely me! I said I wouldn't do it and I did it and I love it. No turning back!

  9. its like you took the words out of my own brain and blogged them! :) I totalllllllly was a skinny jean hater (a few of my friends like to remind me of when i freaked out the first time they wore them).

    But there I was - skinnies w/ boots all winter long (in fact I have my specific "boot skinny jeans"

    And now that the weather is clearing up - skinnies w/ ballet flats.

    I'm totally a ballet flat addict in the first place. And have the skinnies that are perfect with them as well. :) Welcome to the club. It isn't as bad as we originally thought, is it? :)

  10. What a funny post! I have been converted to the skinny jean too! I have to wear them with ballet flats cause I have about 10 pairs of them,lol

  11. I was shaking my head as I read your post because I said the same thing, "I'll never wear boots over jeans, that looks so silly." Well when there's nothing else available, it makes it hard to put up a good fight. And now, I do the flats too. I remember several years ago saying the same thing about capri pants and now that's almost all I ever wear in the summer!

  12. Your post made me LOL! 2 years ago I was totally NO WAY about the skinny jeans/boots and skinny jeans/ballet flats combo - particularly the boots one ever since Rickey Bell from Bell Biv DeVoe tweeted that it reminded him of everyone looking like Robin Hood and he didn't get the trend. *lol* And here I am jumping on the bandwagon. A little late, but go figure. :) Hope you're having a great day!

  13. I remember saying all of the same things, then I tried both looks in my previous life and loved them. Now I dream of jeans and Ugg boots in 40 C weather. Someday...

  14. I haven't tried skinny jeans because I'm short (5'5") and long waisted. I really don't think I could pull it off. I think it's a cute look but I'm too intimidated.

  15. i know, skinny jeans rock my face off...excpet when i'm prego. then i just muffin top it up, so i'll wait till after baby arrives before i try them again. ha.

  16. I was a late convert on the skinny jeans too. I never dreamed they'd stay fasionable. But I kinda love 'em.

  17. Yes, I totally was late to the
    skinny jean/boots party, too.
    I showed up right around the time
    I heard that flare-legged jeans
    are making a comeback.


  18. I don't own a pair of jeggings OR skinny jeans. I guess I'm a fashion failure.

    I think the whole tapered jeans thing scarred me so much that it's hard to think that it's back. (Because let's face it - isn't it the same thing?!) That said, I do have a pair of straight jeans (which I think are actually skinny jeans that are mislabeled) and I wear them with flats all the time.

    I said I wouldn't wear the footless tights when they came out a couple years ago. Um, aren't those LEGGINGS? Yeah. I wear them all the time.

  19. Hello.
    Skinny jeans and ballet flats are like my uniform!
    (you look adorable, btw)

    I'm just waiting for you to post "Look who's wearing Pajama Jeggings now!"
    Then I might fall over dead.

  20. um, I wish I could get INTO a pair of skinny jeans! But sadly, my hips are not my friend :P

  21. I love boots over jeans! I'm wearing some today even though it's warm out :)
    BUT , like you, I have said forever that I will never wear flats w/ skinny jeans simply because I am NOT skinny. haha! You totally pull it off though!!

  22. I buy a lot of my clothes at Target too but I have found lately that they are not holding up. Which I guess when I spend $9.99 for a top I don't have a right to fuss. ;)

    Honestly, I think I am turning into my grandmother. I have started buying really nice clothes and expecting them to last for the next thirty years.

  23. Yes, I'm now a convert too! I teach 7th grade too (whoo-hoo!) so I'm a little fearful that I'll look too much like my students :) That's ok, I love the look! And you can totally rock it too, cute boots!

  24. I was actually the opposite. I wore skinny jeans and flats in college, then bought a pair of boots after college. I guess I'm not totally with it when it comes to the trends!!



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