Christmas Card 2010

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about Christmas is getting Christmas Cards! Each day when the mail comes, I excitedly run to the mailbox to see what cards arrive!
And, I also love making & designing Cards, so that was one of the main reasons I started my etsy shop last year.

I always find that designing my own families' card is the hardest. I like to create a new design for our card each year (rather than use a design I already have).

This year I was (surprisingly) on the ball & designed ours and ordered them during Thanksgiving Break. I was able to mail them out on December 1st (my goal is always the first week of December).

I REALLY loved last year's card, and knew it would be hard to top, but I was really happy with how this year's card turned out!

Here is our 2010 Christmas Card:
{Inside Spread}
Close up of Inside Spread
{left side}
Close up of Inside Spread
{right side}
{Back of Card}
Since we moved earlier this year & I never sent out New Address Cards, I used the back of the card to include our new address (which is blurred out on the blog version)
{a one sided version of this card will be coming to my Etsy shop soon!}

I had fun using non-traditional colors...I am really loving the brown/aqua/mustard color combo that is so popular right now. It worked out perfectly because I designed the card to match the outfits that we wore.

What about you....
Do you send Holiday Cards?
Are you like me & do you eagerly wait for the mail to come each day during the month of December in anticipation of getting Holiday Cards?


  1. Your card is gorgeous! Great job designing it! I love that color combination- I used those colors to decorate my living room! And I too love getting the mail in December- cards are so fun!

  2. Those are darling! Where did you print them?

  3. Beautiful! I have it proudly displayed!

    Next year....next year. We will have a Mel Larson original!

  4. We are moving to emailing/web xmas updates. We realized we were spending more sending out cards than we do on xmas gifts....


    PS: Should I tell you that we took scissors to your card, so it would stay on our fridge?

  5. Love your card. Gorgeous!

    And yes, I breathlessly await Christmas cards all month. This month is very special to me as there are a lot of cards coming with pictures I took of other families.

  6. Mel these are gorgeous! You did an amazing job...as always!

  7. beautiful card.

    I love getting cards too. I put a string on my wall, and hang them all up as decoration.

  8. My favorite part about your card is the non-traditional color combo. And your picture is SO awesome-- everyone looks great!

    I'm a card sender. As "green" as I try to be, I just can't NOT send them.

  9. I love getting Christmas cards. But . . . don't wait by your box for mine. I gave up Christmas cards 4 years ago. They may make a comeback, but at this point I can't keep up with laundry.
    But you will be getting my email "card" and of course the ugly hagen photos will be posted soon!

  10. You did a great job designing your family's Christmas card. I love receiving and sending Christmas cards. I look forward to going to the mailbox every day during the holiday season. Since we've been married (8 yrs) I have saved every Christmas card that we've recieved that's had photos. It's so fun to look back at how our friends and their kids have changed. My goal is to always get my cards mailed on December 1st, but it's usually a week or so later when I finally get around to it. I mail around 75 Christmas cards to family and friends. Next year, I'd love to have you design our cards.

  11. us KTT girls were wondering what your addy is! I love getting cards but since we moved No one has our address lol

  12. LOOOOOOVE your cards! they're fantastic!!! thanks for showing - i bet you get a boost in your sales this year - you're really talented!!!
    btw, i'm an early sender too. i sent mine out the friday after thanksgiving (black friday) and some of the local peeps rec'd them on saturday and were like, "it's not even december yet!" good idea on waiting til the first week of dec. i was just so proud of myself! :) AND secretly they were supposed to be fall cards so they were done in october but had printing issues so i changed them to christmas cards. in my mind they were kinda late since i'd had them so long! :) (sorry for the long response!)

  13. Love your cards. I wanted to do two sides printed this year but couldn't find a printer. So cute!

  14. Thanks to you we had an awesome holiday card this year! I cannot tell you how many comments I have had on them!
    I was way past my goal date in sending them, but that's because life gets too busy!


  15. Mel...I LOVE your card this year. I always do a flat card, but I would love to do something different one of these years. And the same person always designs it...a post is coming on that soon!

    Where did you have them printed?

  16. Beautiful card! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  17. LOVE your card. I wish I'd seen something like it when I was searching for something for ours since we needed aquas & mustard too!



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