10 on 10 :: February 2009

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month....

Claire asleep when I left for work this morning.
She had her best night of sleep last night EVER & slept from 7pm to 4:30 and went right back down after I fed her!

The agenda in my classroom...who's the mean teacher who gave a quiz today?

The girls in the shirts Auntie El gave them
(she is on a mission trip in Thailand right now)

Our front door

Kate & her buddy Maddie!

Kate & Maddie playing in Boulder's dog house! Silly Girls!

Kate playing with blocks

Dinner time! Homemade Macaroni & Cheese!

Horray! Kevin submitting our taxes! Thank you Uncle Sam!
Ice cream while watching Tuesday night TV...American Idol and Biggest Loser!


  1. THIN MINT ICE CREAM?!?! I want some of that!!

  2. Your girls are beautiful as usual! Yummy ice cream! And Biggest Loser is just crazy this season!



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